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Daily Dosage - August 30, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Incredibly interesting trade between Tampa Bay and Ottawa went down last night.  Ottawa sends Andrej Meszaros to TB for Filip Kuba, Alexandre Picard and a 1st round pick (originally San Jose's).  This one has more plot lines than a Hollywood script... hell maybe Koules and the Gang did script it out like this just to keep all the hockey fans on the edge of their seats:

  1. So TB tells threatens Ottawa by saying that they'll sign Meszaros to a $5M offer sheet unless you trade him to us.  I'm sure that almost threw Bryan Murray off his rocker when he picked up his phone and heard that one... this is not the way the Old Boys Club of NHL GMs works... well played TB.
  2. Murray turns around and tells those punks to f**k themselves and then probably realizes that TB doesn't have their 3rd round pick next year so they can't give him an offer sheet anyway.
  3. So TB gets on the phone and calls Pittsburgh asking for their 3rd rounder back (which they traded for Ryan Malone's rights). Well Pittsburgh GM Ray Shero (who's part of the Old Boys Club) tells them to go f**k themselves cause he doesn't want anything to do with an offer sheet (classic Old Boys Club talk) and they aren't going to help TB out at all cause they're still bitter about the whole Malone affair.
  4. So then you think it would be a dead deal but then Murray must change his mind and decides he can get a good return for a guy that he can't sign so turns around and fleeces Koules and the Gang by taking 2 dmen and a 1st rounder from them when I'm sure TB was trying to pawn off a few of the 17 forwards on their roster... well played Murray.
  5. Sources say that TB will now sign Meszaros to a six-year contract averaging $4 million a season.... so was the $5M number just a bluff?... if so, well played TB.
  6. This leaves TB ridiculously thin on the blueline... currently their top 4 is Meszaros (22), Matt Carle (23), Shane O'Brien (24) and Paul Ranger (23).... this is hilarious. Maybe they've got more moves up their sleeves and we'll get an announcement soon that they're bringing former TB dmen like Rudy Poeschek and Enrico Ciccone out of retirement to suit up on the blueline... you just never know with this guys.
  7. As for fantasy hockey impact:
  • not sure that this really changes anything for Meszaros, he goes from playing the 1st PP unit on one talented but under-performing team to another.  Regardless, we like this kid a lot... never misses a game, PIMs were a little lower last year but had 102 in 2006/07 and he's been slowing increasing his PP minutes and shots. 
  • This also should open up a spot for Andrew Hutchinson on the TB blueline and he could be a darkhorse as he had 64 point in 67 games in the AHL last year. 
  • Kuba's fantasy hockey status doesn't change much either since he should still see a lot of PP time with Ottawa.  Despite all the playing time he had with TB, this guy had never been anything more than a #4 fantasy hockey dman... he's below average in +/-. PIMs, PPP and shots.
  • Picard should get an opportunity to play in Ottawa but won't be in the top 4.  We like this kid but, like Kuba, he doesn't appear to be a dman that will put up big numbers across all categories.

Columbus signed Maxim Mayorov to a entry level contract.  The Russian prospect will take a shot at cracking the NHL roster this fall and if not could go to either Syracuse (AHL) or Brandon (WHL).  Good news for Columbus as this guy was the 2nd highest rated Russian in the 2007 draft and only slipped because nobody was sure if they could get him over to North America.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Michael Jackson turned 50 yesterday... and as an old wise man once said... Michael Jackson just proves that America is the ultimate land of opportunity, only there can a poor young black boy grow up to be an old rich white woman.