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Email Q&A, August 15th

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Thanks for sending in those emails and comments, you know you can always reach us at  Here are responses to a few that we've received lately...

Email from Scott in Philadelphia, he says:

Q:  Who do you guys like from the Flyers this year?

A:  Scott, we like Jeff Carter a lot, should crack 35 goals this year and gets a ton of shots, he was 2nd amongst Philly forwards in ice time during the playoffs last year.  Braydon Coburn is another one that's easy to like, a few more shots and this guy's a stud.  No James van Riemsdyk this year (going back to college) but Claude Giroux should be an impact rookie, a great playmaking winger for a team that had 6 guys break 20 goals last year (tied for most in the league).  We'll give you lots more on Giroux in our upcoming Breakout Bible.

Email from Jay in Australia (the guy behind the guy behind the very funny Waikiki Hockey website):

Q:  I hear McCabe is going to Florida. If Sundin doesn't come back who will be their best player?  Yikes. Do you think they break double digits in wins?

A: Jay, thanks for the email.  Well their best player is Vesa Toskala. Their best fantasy hockey option is probably Pavel Kubina... this will be a light scoring team so limited options amongst the forwards and Kubi is a 6-category fantasy hockey contributor (he was even a plus player last year).  As for the team, we're pretty sure they'll break double digits in wins, they should be much better defensively under Ron Wilson, as we outlined in our Offseason +/- article.

Email from Mark in New York, he says:

Q:  What, no love for Scott Gordon?

A:  Mark, maybe Gordon will do fine, although we doubt it given the team Garth Snow has given him, but we're just not blown away by his record, nor do we think he'll be a good coach for fantasy hockey GMs.  He does provide some great quotes though..."The first step that our team is going to have to understand from Day One is you have to have the belief that you're going to win the Stanley Cup."  Just a tip Flash, you ain't winning a stanley cup, but I guess that's why he got the job and we weren't even considered.

Comment from someone named Morays who read our article Let's Play: Summer Signings, Astute or Asinine?, he says:

Q:  [Your article was] uninformed, skewed, totally based on personal opinion, some weren't even relative to each other... you were comparing apples to oranges half the time.

A:  Thanks for the comment Mr. Morays... we'll take that as a compliment (except for the uninformed part)... 

  1. "Skewed"?... you bet, who wants to read an opinion article that doesn't have a different opinion? 
  2. "Totally based on personal opinion"?... well I certainly hope so otherwise we're stealing other people's work.
  3. "You were comparing apples to oranges half the time"... yeah, the apples being the astute signings and the oranges being the asinine ones.

Comment from Lori in Calgary, she says:

Q:  I see your site has a new banner... I think the colour makes it look like you're stuck in the 70s?

A:  Thanks Lori... you know, we're more about substance over style here at Fantasy Hockey Scouts and our new banner has our name, our slogan and a hockey stick (so that illiterate people that are reading our site know what we're all about) so we think it works.  Hey that mustard colour worked for the Predators third jersey for a while... well not really, but some designer probably made a lot of money cause they thought so.