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*** The Breakout Bible 2010 ***

Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Breakout Bible 2010

Release Date: August 19th, 2010

BibleNewLogo The most satisfying aspect of fantasy hockey (maybe even better than winning?) is being the guy who drafts the kid that your fellow GMs didn't think would do anything or had never heard of and then he blows up and is the difference maker on your team (and maybe you end up winning to boot).... Sweet, sweet vindication my friends!  It happens every year, last year's prime examples were guys like our #1 breakout pick in the 2009 Bible, Steve Stamkos, who shot up from from 46 to 95 points, 5th year breakout Rene Bourque, who surprised a lot of people with 58 points, 88 PIMs & 215 shots last year or Jimmy Howard, who started the year as a back-up but finished it as one of the top 10 fantasy goalies in the league.

Well Fantasy Hockey Scouts wants to help you be that GM this year with our BREAKOUT BIBLE.  The Breakout Bible will be packed with info, with upwards of 50 full profiles on potential breakout players for the coming season and an outlook on all the other prospects who should be on your fantasy hockey radar this year.  We also include our ranking of the Top 50 Breakout Candidates for 2010/11 along with a whole bunch of other delicious lists.  As our motto says, "You're the GM, we're your Scouting Department"... we do all the digging and research, give you the information, analysis and opinions and you make the decisions... just like the real GMs do.

Would a real GM ask his scouts to make unrealistic projections of exactly how many points a player is going to get next season?  We don't think so... it's not possible to pinpoint point totals with any consistency, I mean c'mon, we're not fricken Kreskin here.  So we stick to reasonable ranges and let the other guys make up their numbers cause we don't think that really helps you.  Anyone can pull numbers out of their ass but we take the time to give you fantasy hockey GMs what you really want to know about potential breakout players:

  • What type of player is he?
  • Who's he comparable to?
  • What does his past performance tell us?
  • Is he going to make the team? (we give it to you in words, not percentages)
  • Who's he going to play with?
  • What's his potential for this year and for the future? (again we'll give you ranges, not guesses)

Download a free excerpt of our 2010 Breakout Bible and take a peek at the type of stuff you get for historical breakout statistics and player profiles... Download Breakout Bible 2010 excerpt

As you can see from the excerpt, we'll give you the facts and analysis you'll need in order to take the types of calculated risks that come with drafting potential breakout players.  Oh and unlike the other guys we actually track our predictions throughout the year in our monthly Breakout Tracker.

So if you think this might be helpful for you in your fantasy hockey draft then for only $6 you can grab a copy of the Breakout Bible 2010

We also give you the option of two exciting combo deals:

Combo #1: If you're also interested in our 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report (was released August 31st for $8), we have a combo deal where you can get the Bible & the FSR for $12.

Combo #2: For those that want it all... you can get the Bible, the 2010/11 Fantasy Scouting Report (was released August 31st for $8) and our Fantasy Prospects DB (was released in June for $5) all for $16... save $3 when you buy in bulk!

The shopping cart below will allow you to pay thru PayPal (via our distributor with a PayPal account OR credit card.  After making payment, hit "Complete Purchase" and you will be directed to the download page where you can access the Breakout Bible (an email with a link to the download page will also be sent to you).  If you order a combo then the Fantasy Scouting Report & Fantasy Prospects DB will be sent to you in separate emails (within 24 hours).  If you have any problems accessing the files (try it a few times), please send us an email so we can help you out.

Bible or Combo:
Breakout Bible ($6) Combo#1: Bible + FSR ($12) Combo#2: Bible + FSR + Prospects DB ($16)