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Daily Dosage - September 2, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

September is here and that means training camps are right around the bend...

Check our post from Saturday for our reaction to the bizarre events surrounding the Andrej Meszaros trade.

The Bryan McCabe deal is done, should be announced today.  Appears to be just McCabe and a draft pick to Florida for Mike Van Ryn (we'll have to wait to see what pick it is before we rip into Cliff again).  As we've discussed previously, this should be a good move for McCabe as he'll have less pressure and should form a nice partnership with Jay Bouwmesster on the PP... we can see a bounceback season for Caber.  As for Van Ryn, if his wrists are healthy then he should see some action but certainly not big minutes and it shouldn't be at the expense of a player like Anton Stralman, since this is a nothing season for Toronto and they should be focusing on developing their younger players... not trying to finish in 9th place again.

Brendan Shanahan is still trying to talk the NYR into signing him but they don't appear to be too interested.  If that doesn't work out apparently Anaheim may be interested after they trade Mathieu Schneider... maybe Shanny is their backup plan if they can't sign Teemu?

No word if Alexander Radulov came crawling back and begging for Nashville's forgiveness by the team's midnight deadline last night... we'll get back to you on that one.

Washington has announced that it is retiring Mike Garnter's No. 11 jersey... good for them, Gartner was a hell of a player, skated like the wind and could shoot like a canon... for you youngins, probably the player today that is most comparable to Gartner would have to be Marian Gaborik.  Gartner was part of probably the fastest line in hockey history when he teamed up with Mark Messier and Glenn Anderson at the 1984 Canada Cup when all three players were at their peak. 

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  worked really hard attempting to finish our Breakout Bible yesterday but it just wasn't meant to be... just didn't have the manpower here on a long weekend to finish up such an voluminous project... we apologize as we've let you down... on the flip side we think the end product will be worth the wait and we hope you enjoy it.   We've got a few other things to take care of today first but we'll be working on it as much as we can to get it out within the next day or two.