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Daily Dosage - September 3, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

The Bryan McCabe deal went down pretty much as expected yesterday with Toronto GM Cliff Fletcher throwing in one of his 4th round draftschmaft picks in exchange for Mike Van Ryn's contract. We talked about our feelings about this trade before on Aug 9th and Aug 15th... and Damien Cox of the Toronto Star must be a regular reader cause he copied our opinions in his column today... and then Jacques Martin must read the blog cause he even brings up the Larry Murphy trade, "(Larry Murphy) was kind of pushed out of Toronto the same way with the media, he went to Detroit and was a pretty effective player."

Vancouver traded Ryan Shannon to Ottawa for dman Lawrence Nycholat... don't read to much into this one as Ottawa has a surplus of dmen after acquiring Kuba and Picard and figures that Shannon can probably help out in Binghamton and be a callup if injuries strike.  Not a good sign for a smallish scorer like Shannon when offensively challenged teams like Anaheim and Vancouver are getting rid of you.  Nycholat joins a crowded blueline in Van city but may get a chance to play if GM Mike Gillis ends up moving a dman for a forward at some point.

From the CapitalsInsider Blog, sounds like Brian Pothier isn't over his concussion problems and might be considering retiring, "I'm still having post concussion symptoms, some vision stuff and the vision stuff affects your balance and equilibrium... has retirement crossed my mind?  Of course it has."

Phil Esposito again proved why he was just a terrible GM when he was asked his thoughts about the Meszaros trade... "I liked Picard a lot, but to get something you have to give something, and Meszaros is better than Picard, and they're the same age."  Maybe someone forgot to tell Phil that in addition to Picard, they also gave up Kuba and a 1st round pick, Mesaros makes about $3M more more than Picard and that the TB defense core is going to be younger than the Swift Current Broncos.

The Breakout Bible is going through editing, want to make sure its a good quality product... should be out shortly.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  Not sure if you saw this great video of VP candidate Sarah Palin back in her sports reporting days.  Back then she was know as Sarah Heath and did sports reports for KTUU-TV in Anchorage, Alaska... Check out the hair and what's that accent, is that an Alaskan accent?... its en-grained in my brain, not sure I'll ever be able to get it out.  Around the 2:10 mark she launches into the news that Minnesota is winning a game by telling everyone how terrible they are and how many penalty minutes Basil McRae has...  hopefully Gary Bettman is watching this, he could learn a few things. Both Winnipeg and Toronto fans probably don't want to watch as it will bring up bad memories.