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Daily Dosage - September 4, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Teemu Selanne says he has made a decision about whether he's going to play this year... he won't say what it is but he does say, "I haven’t been skating every day for the last four weeks just for fun. There is a reason."... oooohhhh how mysterious.  This isn't really news, we all know he's going to sign with Anaheim the moment they clear cap space by moving Mathieu Schneider... but if your fantasy hockey draft is coming up shortly then don't bump Teemu down your cheetsheet cause you're uncertain if he's going to play... he's a sure thing.

Marian Gaborik is negotiating with Minnesota but doesn't really ever say that he wants to stay (although he did use the words "willing to stay"), just that he's got one year left on his contract... "I like it here. Of course, it's been great times and experiences here. But I still have one more year on my contract. I want to be respected that I still have one year left, and I want to just focus on this year and just try to play the best I can."  He also said, "Of course, I want to win. If it's here, I would love that, but who knows what's going to happen."

Rick DiPietro says that he's been slowly recovering from offseason knee surgery that came on the heels of his 2nd hip surgery in the past year... he says he should be ready for the start of the season... but be warned.

Carey Price claims he has dropped 20-25 pounds in the offseason and is down to around 205.  The coaches think that will make him faster... we'll see.

Jeff Hamilton has signed a minor league deal with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL... please double check that you removed him from your NHL cheatsheet... feel free to keep him on your AHL cheatsheet.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Great story from the NBA... former Kansas Jayhawks teammates Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers were thrown out of the NBA rookie transition program on Wednesday for getting caught with marijuana and women in their hotel rooms.  Arthur and Chalmers, who starred in Kansas’ 2008 national championship season, were just starting a four-day life-skills orientation that the NBA mandates for all rookies. The two players are expected to be fined $20,000, and the league possibly could fine the NBA teams also. "They will be appropriately sanctioned and have to repeat the program next year" NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.  One league source said the players claimed the marijuana belonged to the women. 

Great story for so many reasons:

1) Funny that the NBA has a life skills orientation... not sure what to say to make that funnier than it already is.

2) 4 days of orientation?  Hell thats about 4 times longer than these guys spent in classes at college.

3) The kids should appeal the ejection... get Johnny Cochrane on the case... it was only the first day, they probably didn't even get to the part about how weed and hookers were frowned upon... how were the poor kids to know?

4) Seems like these kids already have plenty of life skills like:

  • the league possibly could fine the Grizzlies and Heat also... Always let someone else clean up your mess.... preferably your employer
  • they will have to repeat the program next year... if you're talented, you'll always get a 2nd chance.
  • the players claimed the marijuana belonged to the women... when in doubt, blame it on a hooker... they tend not to have much credibility.

5) If this is truly "NBA Life Skills" then smoking cheeba and getting with hookers should be one of sessions... along with:

  • How to Eat Like a Pro - Interactive workshop with Mel "Dinner Bell" Turpin
  • How to Lose your Shirt at Gambling - Co-hosted by Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley
  • Why You Should Never Trust Officials - Led by Tim Donaghy