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Daily Dosage - September 5, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Two 2008 top 4 draft picks signed contracts yesterday... Zach Bogosian, the 3rd overall pick, signed with Atlanta and the 4th overall pick, Alex Pietrangelo, signed with St. Louis.  Bogosian probably has a better shot at sticking in the NHL all season but as we mentioned with Drew Doughty when he signed, don't count on much production from 18 year old dmen... it just doesn't happen.

Brent Burns had elbow surgery yesterday and is expected to be rehabbing for the next 4 weeks, so he'll miss training camp but should be ready to go near the start of the season.  We love this kid, should be in for another big jump in points this year... so don't drop him down your cheatsheet at all.

Simon Gagne says he is not feeling the effects of post-concussion syndrome at all right now and has been back skating for the past two weeks.  Apparently he's been to some doctor that has been injecting him with some bionic cocktail that strengthen your joints and prevents headaches... so he may be ready to play this season but we've still got huge concerns about this guy and will be staying far away on draft day.

Jarret Stoll signed a 4 year, $14.4 million contract with LA.  Damn, thats like Jeff Finger money!... and Stoll only had 36 points and was a minus 23 last year.  Man, do you think its possible they confused him with Jordan Staal?  If you're a fan of Stoll's then feel free to pick him up in your fantasy hockey draft since its possible that he could bounce back with a new team but if you're like the rest of us then you'll be passing.

As we speculated a while ago John Tortorella has been hired by TSN... great move.  And right on queue he loosened his lips and just lets it flow about the new Tampa Bay ownership group in an interview with 1200 The Team sports radio in Ottawa, here's a few little nuggets:

  • New owners come in and they try to reinvent the wheel. I’m anxious to see what happens... as far as the two cowboys that went in there and bought that team, I have zero respect for them.
  • Regarding the Dan Boyle trade: I knew that was going to happen … during the trading deadline where myself, Jay Feaster and all the administration of that team were locked in the room  with owners that were still in the process of trying to buy the team. It turned ugly in there because of some of the thoughts they had, and they still hadn’t even dropped a penny on the club. I sat across from Lennie Barrie and Lennie Barrie started talking to me about Dan Boyle when he played with him seven, eight years ago in Florida, which makes no sense to me because I think after seven or eight years a guy may mature and improve his game. I begged them to sign Danny Boyle. If you’re going to trade Brad Richards at the deadline, which we shouldn’t have done at that point in time, and then let Danny Boyle just go, what do you think Vinny and Marty (St. Louis) are going to think about there the next year starts? They grudgingly decided to sign him but I knew once they signed all these forwards during the summer, during the free agency,  (he) was going to go.
  • On the Meszaros trade: Meszaros, we all know he’s a good player. He’s a young player. He’s a durable player But is he more than a 35-, 40-point guy? That’s my question. I think Filip Kuba is that and then some, though a little older. But you also have this kid in Picard. … He’s going to be a good player and he has some jam to him also. And who knows where that No. 1 pick falls into play here. I think it’s a hell of a deal for Ottawa.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  Yahoo has opened up their Fantasy Hockey League for registration... so everyone should be getting their leagues and teams set up and drafts should be happening soon.  We're prepping for our draft which is coming up in a few weeks with the goal of topping such powerhouses as the Money Shots, Paesans and Manwhores this year... it could get ugly... say a prayer for us, would ya.