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Daily Dosage - September 6, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Mats Sundin was in Toronto for a charity game and had a meeting with GM Cliff Fletcher.  He apparently is going to meet with Montreal as well before going back to Sweden.  His agent JP Barry suggested that Jan. 1 might be the latest date that Sundin would join an NHL team.   Alright, we haven't really been all over the Sundin stuff, except for the whole debacle with the soft deadline crap, but now its time to get serious about whether he's a player that you want to spend a high draft pick on in your fantasy hockey draft.  We would not suggest it, wouldn't be surprised if he hangs them up and retires or if not then it sounds like he might not be coming back for a while... he's already said he hasn't been skating this summer.  We'd consider drafting him in the middle rounds but you know some jabroni in your league is going to draft him early cause he read on some website that a Sundin signing is imminent... go for it boss... and the rest of us will pick one of the other more dependable options.

Mark Parrish seems all bitter that he got bought out and thinks that the label that he was a "buyout" is the reason that nobody wants to sign him.  What a clown, get over it.... put up some decent numbers and then maybe someone will want to sign you... its not cause you got bought out... hell it didn't seem to stop Todd Bertuzzi, Darcy Tucker and Andrew Raycroft from finding new gigs pretty quickly.

We talked yesterday about John Tortorella ranting about the TB ownership group, saying that he had "zero respect" for Len Barrie and fellow owner Oren Koules, and called them "a couple of cowboys"... Well now its time for Koules and the Gang to respond... Here's what Len Barrie had to say, "What were there, nine openings for coaches? That's why he's working for TV. I'll be sure I wear my cowboy hat for the first game."

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  Lots of delays this week, we apologize, but the Breakout Bible should be up on the site by tomorrow at the very latest.