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Daily Dosage - September 8, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Not much news from yesterday so this will be a quick one but check back to the weekend for our dosages regarding Mats Sundin and Brian Burke's secret to do list.

Steve Sullivan is said to be making some progress from his back injury but is still not ready to rejoin Nashville.  Coach Barry Trotz said that the team is preparing for a season without Sullivan.  So don't make the mistake that we made last in last year's fantasy hockey draft and pick him up with the hopes that he'll be returning... scratch him right off your fantasy hockey draft cheatsheet.... right off... use the goddam white-out if you have to.

Montreal captain Saku Koivu is apparently taking heat again, this time for missing the team's golf tournament... his commitment and leadership abilities are now being questioned by some people in the Montreal media... of course they are.  So BIll Clinton can cheat on his wife, have "sexual relations" with interns in the oval office, then lie about it to a grand jury, be impeached and still be considered a great president and a real leader and Saku Koivu misses a golf tournament and his leadership skills are now ranked below those of Charles Manson?   

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Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  So Tom Brady is out... for the season???  NO F**CKIN WAY.  This is like God calling down to Moses to part the Red Sea and Moses saying, "No can do big guy, got a bum wheel... looks like the ACL".... hell, not sure even God would have much faith in Matt Cassel.