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Daily Dosage - September 9, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Still not much real fantasy hockey news out there unless you're all wrapped up in whether Anaheim owner Henry Samueli can purchase a get out of jail free card or if you really believe that Tampa Bay is interested in signing Mats Sundin.

The Sedin's are meeting with Vancouver GM Mike Gillis this week to discuss their future with the team.  They are both UFAs at the end of this season and as their agent JP Barry says, "I think we just need to discuss where they fit into the marketplace. We need to get into that kind of detail, and we haven't gotten there."  So basically the brothers are going to throw a number on the table and Gillis is probably going to throw up in his mouth.  Barry is already playing the Shawn Horcoff, Scott Gomez and Chris Drury cards saying that the Sedin's are in that league and are actually better than those guys... so its going to take a huge amount of coin to sign these guys (probably around $7M per season).  Don't blame Gillis for taking some time to mull this one over cause it may not get them closer to a Cup but not sure if you'll be able to replace them in a trade or thru free agency, so he may have to bite the bullet. 

Waiting for confirmation from Canadian Customs that Nikita Filatov has landed in Toronto, Columbus is expecting him in town today & there will be a lot of relief when he's actually there in the flesh as you just never know with the Russians these days.  You can get our thoughts on Filatov and all the other potential breakout players in our Breakout Bible 2008 for only $5.

Don't believe anything you read about how LA GM Dean Lombardi needs to take on the contracts of Mathieu Schneider, Alexei Yashin, Alexander Daigle or anyone else to help get them over the league's salary cap minimum.  They will get there no problem, probably without making a trade at all... some people apparently have a little problem with mathematics.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  loved the story about the Bulgarian women's hockey team that lost 82-0 in an Olympic qualifier to Slovakia recently... talk about running up the score, that's ridiculous.  Apparently the Bulgarian goalie was pulled after the 77th goal... for what reason???... to save her the embarrassment of giving up 80?  Who's the Bulgarian coach, Mario Tremblay?  I wonder if she pulled a Patrick Roy and told the owners that she had played her last game for the team and was demanding a trade to Estonia.