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Daily Dosage - September 10, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Most of the news these days is of players arriving back to town, getting together for informal workouts with their teammates and who's bulked up over the summer.  Things should pick up in the next few days as rookie camps are beginning and main camps will start next week.

Nikita Filatov did actually find his way to Columbus but appeared pretty jet-lagged and delusional during his tour of the Nationwide Arena when he said, "I'm so excited, beautiful building, great (dressing room).   Yes Nikki, that is a real selling point of the Columbus franchise... the great dressing room... although you probably shouldn't get too used to it cause the room in Sudbury isn't as nice.

Detroit signed Chris Chelios to a one year deal... unbelievable... 46 years old.  The only person more amazed by this signing has to be Jonathan Ericsson, the big Swedish dman who is pushing for a roster spot but may have his ice-time reduced because Chelios refuses to retire and buy his condo at Del Boca Vista.

Florida signed Keith Ballard to a 6 year, $25.2 million contract.  Wow, not bad for a guy who had 21 points last year... all we're going to say is that signing guys like this to big deals is why Florida is destined to miss the playoffs for another 7 years.  You'd think Ballard would be a decent fantasy option cause he's not afraid to take a few penalties but he just doesn't bring enough in terms of shots, +/- or PP points to really be much more than a spare part.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  We've been secretly watching Canadian Idol this season and tonight is the big finale.  For all readers in the US, this is a carbon copy of American Idol but sans the talent (which usually happens when you replace American with Canadian in anything... except for bacon).  Everything about the show is pretty bad, the singing, the judges, the host, and especially the fan voting but we still can't pull ourselves away... so we have to get back to the phones to get our votes in for the Elton John wannabe Theo, so he can defeat the chipmunk-voiced Mitch.