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Daily Dosage - September 11, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Marcus Nilson has signed to play for CSKA Moscow... he was still under contract to Calgary but they were most likely going to send him to the minors as the team has to shed some salary to get under the cap, so this works out well for all parties.  This, by itself, probably doesn't get Calgary under the cap so look for Anders Eriksson or Rhett Warriner to be sent to the minors before the season starts... as we discussed a while back in our "What's Wrong with Calgary" article.

Its being speculated, don't know who the original source is, that rookie Jesse Winchester could line up with Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley to start off training camp... with Alfredsson, Vermette and Fisher filling out the top 6.  So no room for Nick Foligno, which is a blow to his breakout chances.  This would be huge for Winchester, who played the last 4 years at Colgate and was close to a point a game in his last 3 seasons but we wouldn't count on it lasting as this reeks of the time when Philly was pumping up Mike Maneluk to play with Eric Lindros and John Leclair... and we all know how successful that turned out.

Pittsburgh did a nice thing for the fans as players and coaches, including Sidney Crosby and Michel Therrien, hand delivered tickets to season ticket holders yesterday.  Amongst the other players handing out tickets were Marc-Andre Fleury, Jordan Staal, Pascal Dupuis and Jeff Taffe.  That would be classic if Jeff Taffe comes to your door in his jersey, "Here's your tickets"... I'm sure more than one season ticket holder was like, "Why the hell is the mailman wearing a Pens jersey?"  Not sure why Toronto didn't try this, I'm sure everything would go smoothly if Bryan McCabe, Jason Blake or Richard Peddie shows up at your door (with police escort, I hope) to deliver the tickets you sold your first born to afford.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... big win yesterday by England over Croatia 4-1 in a World Cup Qualifier.  Theo Walcott, who is pretty much the John Tavares of english football, had the hat-trick.  Great result and a just a little better than the game two years ago when England lost in Croatia and subsequently missed out on qualifying for the European Championships...

Oh and for you Canadian footy fans... they lost 2-1 to Mexico and will be missing the World Cup again.