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Daily Dosage - September 13, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Montreal acquired Robert Lang from Chicago for a 2nd round pick yesterday, so add Lang to Montreal's deep group of talented forwards. This doesn't impact Lang's fantasy hockey value too much since at 37 he's probably not going to move much from the 50 point level that he was last season.  Could be seen as a bad thing for a few of Montreal's forwards, like Sergei Kostitsyn or Guillame Latendresse, who might see less top 6 ice time but more likely it means that they now get to line-up with Lang on the 3rd line.  So probably not a big impact for anyone on Montreal in terms of fantasy hockey value.  As for Chicago, this gets them very close to being under the cap and it should be manageable now so it seems that they'll hold onto Khabibulin for a while.  This gives some of their young centers a chance to step into the #2C role... not sure if it will be Dave Bolland or Petri Kontiola, but it will be a great spot for whoever wins that job in training camp.

With the Lang trade Montreal has officially pulled out of the Mats Sundin sweepstakes... no worries for Mats as the number of team interested is still growing and it appears now that there are about 29 teams interested including Tampa Bay, Ottawa and the Winnipeg Jets.

NHLPA director Paul Kelly says that he's heard from reliable people that Alexander Radulov may actually want to come back to the NHL this season.  Not sure that we believe that but it's a glimmer of hope for fans of Rads that he could be back.  We wouldn't advise drafting him this year... but stay close to the web cause if he goes undrafted in your league and then decides to come back, don't hesitate cause he'll be the best free agent pickup you can find all season.

So with all the hype around Nikita Filatov, his physical yesterday revealed that he has a leg injury and will be resting it for the next 10-14 days... so he'll miss the team's games in the rookie tournament and the beginning of training camp.  Hopefully not major but this could be a sticky situation as part of Filatov's offseason training included playing in some exhibition games for CSKA Moscow and as soon as Columbus found out they told him to stop playing immediately.  That's probably where he hurt himself and so Columbus management can't be thrilled with the kid's lack of judgment.  We think Filatov's chances of sticking in the NHL all year are pretty slim and this injury won't help.  A lot of people are talking up his chances but we like a few other rookies a lot more... in fact we think 5 rookies will have breakout seasons and crack the 50 point barrier this year... to find out who, get your Breakout Bible 2008.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  have to send a cyber-shout out to Waikiki Hockey for giving us some great publicity by including Fantasy Hockey Scouts in a list of the best fantasy hockey sites out there.  We love the article, for a few obvious reasons, but also cause they take a different slant and are trying to help you win your pool in the cheapest way possible.... which is right in our wheelhouse... which is obvious since we only charge $5 for our 79 page Breakout Bible 2008.