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Daily Dosage - September 15, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Check our weekend dosages for news on Nicklas Backstrom, Nikita Filatov and Robert Lang.

Not much news out there from Sunday unless you want to hear that Wayne Gretzky thinks "Toronto's going to be fine" cause he has so much faith in Cliff Fletcher... no disrespect to Wayner but his track record at building a team (so far) is not the greatest.

People in the media seem to be all bent out of shape that Calgary is going to get some cap relief by loaning Marcus Nilson to Russia for the season, saying that it looks bad because of the whole Radulov situation.  One main difference is that Nilson cleared waivers and would be going to the AHL if not for this loan deal.  Sending him to the AHL is totally acceptable under the CBA and so if both parties decide that the player is better served in Russia then why should anyone have a problem with that?

Rookie tournaments are under way and although you shouldn't adjust your cheatsheets based on what happens in these games, it doesn't hurt to see some of the potential rookies impressing early:

  • Jakub Voracek of Columbus has looked good so far and had two assists in the game on Sunday
  • Fabian Brunnstrom of Dallas had three assists on Sunday
  • Luke Schenn of Toronto had three assists on Sunday as well.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... There is crime footage of the 82-0 Slovakia v Bulgaria womens Olympic qualifier that we talked about on September 9th...  take a peek.... hard to tell from the video what the crowd reaction to the Slovakians running up the score was... oh wait, it appears that the over-under on the attendance for this game was 0.  The only thing that is really surprising about this is that the Bulgarian goalie actually made something like 50 saves cause I don't think she can move in there...