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Daily Dosage - September 18, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Justin Williams tore his right Achilles tendon on Wednesday morning and will miss the next 4 to 6 months... poor guy as he missed half the season last year with a torn ACL.  Scratch him from your draft cheatsheet as the chances that he makes any kind of impact this year is slim.  This does give a boost to Jeff O'Neill chances of making the team, although we wouldn't recommend drafting him and it does give one of our top secret potential breakout players, Drayson Bowman, a better chance of sticking with the team... we profiled him in the Breakout Bible and said "there's a good chance some of the other GMs in your league don't know about this guy so it would be a cred-boosting pick if it panned out".

Pittsburgh lines from training camp have Miroslav Satan and Pascal Dupuis lining up with Sidney Crosby and then Jordan Staal lining up with Geno Malkin and Petr Sykora.  The name missing from here is Janne Pesonen, who looks to be a 3rd line guy as of now.... we called him this year's Jiri Dopita in the Breakout Bible and we're sticking with that.

Derian Hatcher will start the season on long-term injury reserve which gives Philly some cap relief, we'll see if he can come back or will have to retire.

Darren McCarty signed with Detroit if that does anything for you.

Dallas prospect James Neal finished as the rookie tournament leader in scoring with nine points while leading Dallas to the tournament championship.  He has a shot to make the NHL this year although we think Ray Sawada is a better bet.

Mathieu Schneider cleared waivers and now Anaheim GM is going to attempt to trade him instead of trying to bring him through re-entry waivers.  They'll probably have to take back a contract or give up a pick or something to make this work... still not sure that they'll have enough to sign Selanne.  We suggested before that Todd Marchant could be moved to clear space but we've learned that he has a no-trade clause, so it will take some Tampa Bay style arm twisting to make that happen.

As a lot of you have already discovered... we've posted our free 2008-09 projected stats and rankings so grab them and use them for your fantasy hockey draft... well unless your in a league with us cause that would be kind of awkward.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... What's up with Hockey Night in Canada?... they pushed out Harry Neale last year, lost their theme song and now its sounding like their going to reduce Bob Cole's workload in favour of more of Jim (when he's announcing we feel like we're playing a video game) Hughson.  Now we know Bobby C is prone to missing a few things and has a hard time with some of the names but his voice is hockey. period. end of sentence.