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Daily Dosage - Oct. 21, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Marty Turco had his first solid outing of the season stopping 28 of 29 in a win over the NYR, hopefully this means he's starting to turn things around... don't bail on him yet, he always picks up his play in the 2nd half of the season.

Peter Budaj got his first win of the season last night.  If he lost then it would have been an easy choice for coach Tony Granato to go back to Andrew Raycroft but with a win, the coach has a tough choice now, look for them to rotate for a bit

Erik Ersberg finally got into the net last night for LA, playing the 3rd period after Jason LaBarbera was pulled for giving up 4 goals on 14 shots.  We still think Ersberg will win this #1 job but LaBabs has been given the full confidence of the coach and has been playing well so far.

Phil Kessel had another goal last night and it 5+1=6 so far in 5 games this year, so he's following through on our Breakout Bible prediction of 30 goals and 50-55 points.

Hottest line in hockey right now has to be the Smyth-Stastny-Hejduk line in Colorado.  Hejduk (6 goals) and Smyth (6 points) are really reaping the benefits of playing with a magician like Stastny (9 assists).  Look for Stastny to be among the leading scorers at the end of the year and if he would shoot the puck a little more he'd be one of the top fantasy centers in the league as well. 

From the mostly useless fantasy hockey news file:

  • Philadelphia sent Steve Downie to the AHL.

  • Carolina sent Zach Boychuk back to the WHL.

  • Bobby Holik is out for 3 to 4 weeks with a broken finger.

  • Mike Keenan is trying Mike Cammalleri out as his #1C between Iginla and Bertuzzi, good news for the Cammal but we'll see how long it lasts.

 Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  missed this story the other day but luckily a loyal reader, Aaron from Boston, brought it to our attention:

Police say a Michigan man has been arrested after "receiving sexual favors from a vacuum" at a car wash.  Police Sgt. Gary Breidinger says a resident called to report suspicious activity at the car wash about 6:45 a.m. An officer approached on foot and caught the man in the act.

First of all, can you really say that the vacuum was giving sexual favors?... last time I checked, vacuums were inanimate objects, but I guess that's Sgt. Breidinger's call.  I'd think sexual assault (if it wasn't consentual) or possibly prostitution (as it probably accepted 25 cents for the act) would be better labels for the crime.  Can't add too much more to the story except... that really sucks... or blows, I guess, depending on what setting the carwash casanova had it on.