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Daily Dosage - Oct. 24, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Dallas coach Dave Tippett went to the well last night and re-united the Morrow-Ribeiro-Eriksson line that was pretty hot for stretches last season and the results were predictable... Ribeiro was 1+4=5, Morrow had 3 points and Eriksson had 2 goals. We like Ribeiro, especially in points only leagues.  

Jarome Iginla isn't re-uniting with any centers and he doesn't care, putting up a hat-trick last night against Nashville.  Mike Keenan has used at least 4 different guys in between Iginla and Bertuzzi and none of them have stuck... they just need to find someone who can get out of the way & let Iggy do it all himself.

Anaheim signed Bret Hedican to a 1 year deal, I guess deciding that the 38 year old is everything that the 37 year old Ken Klee is not.  Maybe Brian Burke can get away with all this baffoonery out in California but if he's tries this crap in Toronto he's going to get pickled.

Ottawa coach Craig Hartsburg has finally clued into what the rest of us have been saying for a long time... you ain't gonna win anything with Marty Gerber in net.  So he now says that Alex Auld will start tonight and if he looks good then he'll go back to him on Saturday... so this job is officially up for grabs.

Toronto coach Ron Wilson is basically giving each of his players a chance to check out his dog house for a few days... last night was Jason Blake's turn.  Terrible move, since Blake was single handedly ensuring that we were losing games and improving our draft position but as soon as he sits JB down, Toronto picks up a win over Boston.

Mikkel Boedker had his 3rd goal in his last 5 games last night, he's seeing time on the 1st line with Jokinen and Doan and played over 19 minutes last night, so he seems to be one of Wayne's favourites.  Whereas, Kyle Turris only played 10:10 and is pointless in his last 3 games.

Nashville made Patric Hornqvist a healthy scratch last night, the rookie only has 1 goal so far in 6 games... John Glennon from The Tennessean figures its only a temporary thing to give the rookie a little break.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which will give you a consolidated list of injury status):

  • Pavol Demitra is out for the next 3 to 4 weeks with fractured rib cartilage.  Alright, I'm not a MD but I didn't even know you could fracture cartilage.  Well if anyone can do it, its Demitra... I've heard they're going to dedicate a whole season of Grey's Anatomy to all of his bizarre injuries.

  • Matt Lombardi left the game last night with an 'upper body' injury.

  • The following players returned from injury last night: Marek Zidlicky, PM Bouchard, Jason Arnott and Chris Campoli.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... is there anything that Buffalo can't do?  I mean this town gave us the Goo Goo Dolls, has their own style of chicken wings and former Bill Steve Tasker single handedly got special teams guys into the Pro Bowl... so now they're just clowning with us... check out this clip of Ryan Miller last night (sorry quality sucks, looks like someone recorded it on their Betamax) scoring on his own net... just to say, "yeah, I'm putting them in my own net and we're still going to beat you Wilds from Minny and stay unpointless... why?... because we can."