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Daily Dosage - Oct. 4, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

We updated our FREE Fantasy Hockey Rankings on Oct 2nd to take into account all the major injuries... so grab a copy, take comfort in the fact that you've got the most up-to-date list you can get and do some damage at your draft this weekend... good luck.

Rich Hammond of the LA Daily News reports that little progress has been made in contract talks between LA and Patrick O'Sullivan but the two sides are meeting more frequently.  We'd expect a deal to get done either before the season starts or within the first week or two but the fact that LA doesn't have high hopes of contending this year (this is a candidate for the Understatement of the Year Award) could mean that they're willing to wait for a long while.  We'd still take our chances on this guy cause his 2nd half last year proved that he could be in line for a big jump in points this year.

Nikolai Khabibulin did not practice on Friday and won't until GM Dale Tallon can figure out how to get rid of him... Tallon said he hopes to have it resolved in the "next couple of days."

Bobby Ryan was sent down to the AHL, not because of his play but because Brian Burke has proven that he can't manage the salary cap worth a dime.  Expect Ryan to be back up shortly but this will eat into a few games and diminish his breakout chances this year.

Anaheim also lost Joakim Lindstrom on waivers to Chicago... This guy is worth keeping an eye on but not sure what Chicago has planned for him as they're pretty flush with wing prospects. 

Buffalo sent half-pint winger Nate Gerbe down to the AHL despite scoring in both exhibition games he played in.  He's one to watch for next year.

Pittsburgh sent Janne Pesonen down to the AHL... we've been calling him this year's Jiri Dopita for a while... but it appears that may have been ambitious as at least Dopita was able to crack the Philly roster and get into 50+ games when he came over as an over-hyped euro-vet.

Teemu Selanne had a hat-trick last night and now has 5 goals in 3 pre-season games... things are looking good for Selanne owners, of which we are one.

Andrew Raycroft gave up 6 goals on 23 shots last night, so it appears that the rumours of his demise may not have been exaggerated.  Some people thought that teaming up with goalie coach Jeff Hackett might help Raycroft rebound this year but we don't see it happening.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which will give you a consolidated list of injury status):

  • Wojtek Wolski has returned to action and looks healthy.
  • TJ Hensick of Colorado got a stick in the eye and has a scratched cornea.  Not sure how serious it is but this kid was close to winning a roster spot so we'll have to wait to see what happens now.
  • Todd Bertuzzi took a shot in the leg last night and didn't return but it's only being called a bruised leg so it doesn't appear to be too serious.
  • We finally got word that Chris Campoli's injury is a shoulder injury, but not the same one that he had surgery on last year... but he is expected to miss "several" weeks.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  FINALLY... the day we've all been waiting for for a long time... yeah, you know what I'm talking about... wait for it... OJ Simpson was found guilty Friday of armed robbery and could be sentenced to life in prison.  Oh, and some league called the N-H-L begins their regular season today, if anyone cares about that at all.