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Daily Dosage - Oct. 9, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

If you're drafting this week then grab a copy of our updated FREE Fantasy Hockey Rankings and take a look at our Fantasy Hockey Draft Tips to get your strategery all set before D-day... Good Luck.

Update:  Philly's Randy Jones will have hip surgery and is out 6-8 weeks... a thin blueline gets thinner. Dustin Boyd is back up with Calgary after they put Rhett Warriner on LTIR (smells fishy) and Toronto is going to scratch Anton Stralman... great rebuilding plan Cliff... more on these tomorrow.

Funny story in the Ottawa Sun (we find a lot of those) about how Ottawa is "Chasing" Mats Sundin. So Ottawa was in Sweden to kick off the regular season and Mats was at the first game to drop the puck for the ceremonial faceoff.  Ottawa owner Eugene Melnyk runs into Mats and apparently told him that Ottawa wants him and that they'd make room for him if he wants to play there.  Alright, we weren't there but here's what probably happened:

Eugene:  Mats! Wow, funny seeing you here.  Really love for you to play for my team!

Mats:  And you are???

Eugene:  I've got room for you!

Mats:  [In Swedish]  Well then have another meatball, Eugenius... I gotta go and be retired.

This is how stupid rumours get started like the crazy 3 way trade that these guys made up this summer where Ottawa was going to get Khabibulin and Chicago was trading Cam Barker to LA for Anze Kopitar... yeah, still waiting for that one to go down.

Calgary sent Dustin Boyd down to the AHL yesterday, which was a bit of a shocker cause he was their leading scorer in preseason and one of their best players, but heard an interview with GM Darryl Sutter on the FAN 960 and it sounds like this was just a cap move and that once Rhett Warriner's injury situation gets sorted out that Dusty will be back up, which could be as soon as today.

In other bizarre cap management moves... Dallas had to send down James Neal but then immediately called him back up once Sergei Zubov went on the IR, so he'll be on the opening night roster.

After a long summer solving differential equations related to the salary cap, Anaheim GM Brian Burke got them under the cap by about $26,000, so they used up 99.95% of their cap space.  Now that's called shoe-horning the cap right there... all it took was buying out Bertuzzi, giving Schnieder, O'Donnell and MA Bergeron away, sending Bobby Ryan down and then calling up your 3rd goalie (David LeNeveu) to create cap space???... brilliant move Burkie.

Florida's final roster was set and surprisingly there's some interesting stories:

  • Shawn Matthias and Michael Frolik have made the roster but could get cut when Stephen Weiss and David Booth return from injury prior to the opening game.
  • Anthony Stewart has made the team... lets see if he can improve on the 1 point he had last year.
  • Cory Murphy is still on the team, despite clearing waivers, the team is negotiating with Jassen Cullimore and will keep Murphy if they can't sign Cullimore... wonder if Murphy is getting in Cullimore's ear about how he should really consider retirement.
  • Why Florida is interested in keeping three 30 something forwards like Zednik, Peltonen and Dvorak (who combined for 63 points last year) with the team over some good young prospects is beyond us... I guess that's why Jacques Martin gets the big bucks... to make decisions like that.

Like sand threw an hour-glass... Atlanta goalie Ondrej Pavelec has decided to end his hold-out and will report to the AHL after talking to GM Don Waddell, ahh man, just when this was getting good... 

Waddell said Kari Lehtonen is the No. 1 goalie in Atlanta this season, but the organization views Pavelec as a potential No. 1 goalie as well.  He said if Lehtonen is injured, he wouldn't hesitate to call on Pavelec to be the starting goalie for the Thrashers.  "It's a No. 1 and 1a situation," Waddell explained.

Yeah and by 1a, you really mean 3... but who's keeping track.

Lineup notes:

  • Atlanta coach John Anderson isn't happy with Erik Christensen as his #1C so he's back to using Todd White in that spot... that sound you just heard was Ilya Kovalchuk throwing-up in his throat.
  • Montreal will start with Alex Tanguay manning Mark Streit's position on the point with Andrei Markov.  Good news for Tangy and we think he's due for a comeback season after escaping Iron Mike's reign of terror.
  • St. Louis goalies will split their weekend games, Manny Legace starting Friday and Chris Mason going on Saturday.
  • Peter Budaj will get the start in goal for Colorado tonight.

Rapid fire demotions of the day:

  • Kyle McLaren was sent down by San Jose... it this really kills your fantasy hockey team this year then we feel really badly for you.
  • Nikita Filatov got sent down to the AHL... good luck down there Boris.
  • Vladimir Sobotka was sent down by Boston, not a real surprise since they're pretty stacked at forward right now.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which will give you a consolidated list of injury status):

  • Dallas had to put Sergei Zubov and his wonky hip on the IR and this means he won't be back until Nov 1st, at the earliest.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  Alright, the real regular season starts tonight, no offense to our european friends out there... 4 games on the docket including the Leafs taking part in a Cup banner ceremony, unfortunately its for Detroit.  And Gary Bettman seemed pretty fired up about the new season (as seen on Wall Street yesterday) but talk about tying your boat to a sinking ship???... and we're not talking about the stock market.  Nothing inspires confidence in capital markets like Betsy, flanked by two injured Islanders defensemen and a recovering alcoholic... "You traders think you have it bad, just look up to the podium, you could be one of us."