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Announcement: Fed Bailout

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As you may have noticed, we've undergone some renovations over the past few days and we're proud to announce that thanks to the support of all the fantasy hockey GMs out there...

We're Getting Bigger!...


... and have been asked (and we said "I do") to join Sports Federation which is a network of sports blogs that The Score diabolically intertwined for your pleasure and delight.

There's some great blogs in the Federation (check out the dropdown box, top right), including:

  • The blogfather himself, Scott Carefoot, from RaptorBlog;

  • Great talk about the buds at Down Goes Brown (who are currently doing a Wendel Clark tribute that we fully endorse);

  • Sens Chirp, which is typically one of the best blogs from October until April and then folds like soggy cardboard in May... ahhh, this is going to be fun; and

  • A CIS Blog.... who knew?

As with any change, there are pluses and minuses...

  • Plus: You now have links to other great blogs, including one for your favourite team (if you're a Canadian reader, sorry South Siders).

  • Minus: You now have links to 5 blogs of teams that you probably hate... but at least, they should be good for a laugh.

  • Plus: There will be more people reading and following our delusional advice and taking a nose-dive in their fantasy leagues, so you're back on a level playing field.

  • Minus: This is The Score right?  WTF?... No Poker or WWE blog in the Federation?  Sacrilege.

  • Plus: You'll know whenever Nickelback has a new album out. 

  • Minus: More ads but lets be honest, those google ads weren't helping our piggy bank.  

So thanks for your support and we hope you'll be a change agent (gotta drop the corporatespeak) and support The Score and our lovely sponsors.... and just remember, its what's inside that counts. 

Alright, gotta take my cat to the vet... no seriously.