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Daily Dosage - Nov. 15, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

RJ Umberger was replaced as the #1C, again, and scored 2 goals, again.  He now has 7 goals in his last 7 games, but the CBJs Cman you want is Derick Brassard who took over the #1C role and is 6+4=10 and +7 in his last 8 games.

Lee Stempniak is hothothot right now, 2+8=10 in his last 5 games... he plays decent minutes and shoots a lot so he's a very good pickup right now.  He will cool off eventually but he's not without talent, don't forget this guy had 27 goals two seasons ago.

Hossa (Mary, not Marcy) is on fire as well with 9+8=17 in his last 10 games and now sits 3rd in the league is scoring.

Mike Babcock is very happy with Ty Conklin's play after stopping 25 of 27 in the win over Florida last night and will give him another start in their next game on Monday.

Michael Nylander was a healthy scratch last night... he's only had 1 point in his last 7 games and based on ice-time it seems that Boudreau doesn't have much use for this guy so there might be something to those rumours that he's being shopped, although with his big fat contract, injury history and no-trade clause, he could be difficult to move.

So Brian Burke is free to discuss employment options with all teams now and rumour has it that he'll be in Vancouver tonight doing some "scouting" for Anaheim... Vancouver just happens to be where Toronto is playing tonight and Richard Peddie will be on hand so maybe they'll bump into each other and have a chance meeting??? 

We're finding great amusement in Tampa Bay's situation, the latest being Barry Melrose's firing yesterday. There are about 1,000 reasons floating around as to why he was fired, pick any one and it was probably a factor in the decision.  Who cares what the reason is, you couldn't write a script for a sit-com that would be funnier than the material that these guys are providing for us.  Latest episode involves the hiring of Rick Tocchet as their interim head coach... so Koules and the Gang are willing to admit that hiring a guy that had been out of coaching for 13 years was a mistake and now the best Plan B they can come up with is a convicted felon with no head coaching experience? 

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which will give you a consolidated list of injury status):

  • Alexander Semin left the game last night with what is being called a minor shoulder injury but he may be OK to go tonight... so, false alarm.

  • Franky Beauchemin left the game last night with a leg injury after taking a late hit, he'll be re-evaluated today.

  • Ales Kotalik suffered a hamstring injury which is being called "potentially severe", we'll let you know when we hear more.

  • Pascal Leclaire got his first start in about 3 weeks and returned with a bang, stopping 36 of 37 shots and beating Buffalo.

  • Also returning to the lineup last night was: Tim Connolly.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... So Montreal fans have figured out how to rig the NHL's All-Star Fan Ballot and are cyber-stuffing the ballot box... as of now the starting lineup for the Eastern Conference is made up of 6 Habs, including Larry Robinson and Steve Penney, kidding.

Once again, brilliant move by the NHL to make the results public in real-time as now they're going to have to save face and disregard some of the votes as I don't think they care for the ridicule that would come with having an all-star game lineup that only features one team.... we think even Gary Bettman can see the flaw in that.  Actually Betsy is used to rigging the system so that he can hand-pick his owners (who usually turn out to be crooks) and so its pretty ironic now that the fans are sticking it right back to him.