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Daily Dosage - Nov. 18, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

We kinda avoided saying anything cause we just assumed it was a fad that couldn't last but maybe not... Ian White picked up an assist last night giving him 7 points in 8 games this year and he played 17 minutes with almost 4 minutes of PP time last night.  He's definitely worth a pickup if he has F/D eligibility in your league, cause seriously, how many ppg dmen are on the waiver wire right now?

We have a few key "Life Rules"... 1) We never trust dudes named Chaz and 2) We never trust a goalie that plays for the NYI.  So far, living by those rules has worked out for us just fine.  But right now Joey MacDonald is tempting us, he stopped 31 of 32 last night to get the W and check out his numbers in November, 5-2-1, 2.08, .935.

Ty Conklin got his 2nd straight start and has won both, including a shutout last night.  We wouldn't say that he's wrestling the #1 job away from Osgood but Conklin is earning himself more playing time and should fulfill our prophecy that he'll be the the best backup goalie to own in the league this year.

Speaking of the Detroit Dead Things, two guys that are hot right now but are not getting the pub that some of the stars are getting... Jiri Hudler has 13 points in his last 11 games including 8 PP assists and Johan Franzen is 7+3+10 in his last 8 games.  2nd or 3rd line guys in Detroit are just as good as 1st line guys on a lot of teams cause Babcock is a coach that spreads it around... see our fantasy hockey Coach Rankings (hint: Babs is #1).

Shea Weber is on pace for a monster season... 80+ points, 100 PIMs, 260 shots... can't expect 80 points but the other numbers are attainable.  He showed signs of this 2 years ago but took a step back last year, which was due to injuries... this year he's positioning himself as one of the top 5 fantasy hockey dmen... treat him as such.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which will give you a consolidated list of injury status):

  • The final diagnosis on Andy McDonald's fractured leg is that he'll be out up to 8 weeks.

  • Jason Arnott left the game last night with what is being called a neck strain, he went to the hospital but was released shortly thereafter.  Consider him day-to-day but remember that this guy has a history of concussions.

  • Mike Fisher left last night's game with what looked like a leg injury, no word on his status yet.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... still having a good laugh about the fact that Philly QB Donovan McNabb admitted that he didn't know that a NFL game could end in a tie after their game win the Bungles on Sunday ended with no winner.  Feel bad for McNabb that he's taking all the heat for this, I mean, he's got enough to worry about and now he's expected to keep track of wins and losses... and ties as well?