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Daily Dosage - Nov. 22, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Late Update: Roberto Luongo left the game today with a groin injury which could potentially be "serious"... stay tuned.

Biggest news of the day is that Brenden Morrow has a torn ACL and is out for 6 months (so the entire season). A big loss for Dallas and for your fantasy team.  We feel especially bad for owners that happen to own both Brodeur and Morrow (unless of course you're in a league vs the Scouts). This will hurt the team as Morrow is their leader and probably won't help Ribeiro's production but should give some other forwards a chance to step up and play with playmaking centers like Ribs or Brad Richards. [more]

Bryan McCabe is 3+5=8 and a +5 in his last 6 games.  His injuries and the fact he was on the Leafs last year means he's probably a bit undervalued, he wouldn't be a bad acquisition...just don't expect numbers like the 68 points he scored in 2005-06.

Maxim Afinogenov was a healthy scratch last night after only putting up 1 point and a -8 in his last 9 games.... stay away from this guy until he gets traded, then he could take off cause he has the talent, just needs the motivation.

Eric Staal had 1 point in 8 games coming into last night but busted out with a hat-trick vs Phoenix... we're big fans cause this guy does it all and never misses a game.

Speaking of Carolina, if a certain GM in your league drops Ray Whitney (as one of our scouts did last week) then make sure to snatch him off the waiver wire (as another one of our scouts did this week)... he responded with 2 goals last night, has 14 shots in the last two games and is always deadly on the PP.

We feel like we've mentioned this before but its worth mentioning again... Lee Stempniak is feeling it right now, 3+8=11 in his last 7 games... he often jumps on the point on the PP and St. Louis actually has a decent PP this year. 

The minutes for Stevie Stamkos dropped down to about 12 last night but he's playing in so many good spots right now (some 1st line time and #1 PP unit) that he still managed to pick up 2 assists... caught a little of the game and its pretty obvious that Tocchet has told the kid to shoot the puck cause it looks like he's just closing his eyes and letting 'er rip whenever he gets a chance.

Marc Savard is 2+9=11 in his last 5 games as Boston is surging, having won 8 or their last 9.

Keith Yandle looked great last night for Phoenix, when Wayne needs offense he lets KY freelance a lot... he's got 6 points in his last 7 games, played a season high 22 minutes last night and he has a monster shot so the goals will come.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which gives you a consolidated list of injuries):

Patrik Berglund missed last night's game with a groin injury, he's day-to-day.

Derek Morris left last night's game with an undisclosed injury, we'll let you know when we hear more, if you even really care?

Chris Gratton and Gary Roberts missed last night's game with lower and upper body injuries Tampa_bay_lightning_2007-08respectively.  If you're in some type of Senior Citizen Fantasy Pool this info might be of value for you.  [more]

Ryan Malone returned from his leg injury last night and was having a great game, setting up three goals in only 10 minutes of ice time, but then left in the 2nd after experiencing some soreness.  Not a good sign...don't get caught up in his good game.

Sounds like Marek Svatos won't miss any time with that abdominal injury he picked up the other night, he's expected to play tonight. [more]Detroit_red_wings_1995

All your Red Wing Related News... Tomas Holmstrom is out for Detroit's game on Saturday.  Niklas Kronwall is in.  Ty Conklin gets the start in goal.  [more]

Remember Ryan Whitney?  Well, he's back practicing with the team.  He's not expected back until late December (at the earliest) but if you can afford the roster spot he'll be worth it....eventually. [more]

Returning to action last night was: Jason Arnott.

The following guys are getting healthy and should be back into the lineup soon: Joe Sakic, Scott GomezAlex Semin, Evgeni Nabokov and Paul Kariya.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today....Puck Daddy posted a beauty yesterday that honoured hockey's greatest commercial pitchmen.  P.D. goes through some of the cheesiest commercial's featuring an NHL star as their pitchman.  Wayne & Keith Gretzky and Bobby Hull get our nod for the tops on that list.  They may not be as skilled actors as Max Talbot and the Penguins but we think there are a few other potential movie stars in the NHL ranks.

Adam Oates for the NHL:

If Adam could give our fantasy team a 142 point season (like he did in 1992-93) he could pick us up anytime. Wink, wink.

Rob Ray for ESPN:

You've probably seen that one before but it's a classic and it's at least worth a mention.  We have no idea where Rob Ray got the thug stereotype from.  No idea at all.

Mario Lemieux, Tony Fernandez and one of the Golden Girls for Shoppers Drug Mart:

We're lovin' the late 80's combo of To-nail and Super Mario but couldn't Shopper Drug Mart do any better than Bea Arthur?  We would rather have seen any of the other 'Golden Girls' in this role...even the mean old one.  Or even about somebody even remotely entertaining to the young fans of Mario or Tony.  Just a thought.

Eric Lindros for IBM:

Hey kid, if Lindros gets out of line...hit him in the head. It worked for Scott Stevens.