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Daily Dosage - Nov. 30, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Gordie Howe Gotta give Shawn Horcoff the respect he deserves and throw the Gordie jersey his way this morn after his Gordon Howe Hat-Trick yesterday against St. Louis.  Sure The Coffer has 7 points in his last 4 games but its the fight that gets our respect.  Speaking of respect... R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Whale Jersey!... if we knew how to function a computer properly you'd be able to click on the jersey and Brass Bonanza would start playing (but we don't, so you can't).

Tom Gilbert is starting to shake out of the funk he was in at the beginning of the season (1 point and -6 in his first 10 games) and is now 2+9=11 and a +6 in his last 12 games.  Not sure what came first, the production or the increased ice-time, but no matter, as it certainly hasn't hurt being paired with Sheldon Souray and seeing more time on the #1 PP unit.

Surprisingly, Steve Eminger is the PP QB for Tampa Bay... he's 1+6=7 with 4 PP points in his last 7 games... maybe these guys knew what they were doing when they traded Matt Carle for him... doubt it. 

There's a good chance that Ryan Malone was dropped in your league since he had such a shitty start to the year but he's 4+4=8 in his last 5 games and seems to have found a home on the 1st line with Vinny and Marty.  His ice-time has increased under Tocchet and he's playing on the #1 PP unit, so grab him if you need some goals and a 100 PIM guy.

MasonSteve Mason picked up his second shutout this week by stopping all 26 shots the Capitals threw at him.  With his improved play and Pascal Leclaire doing his best Marty Turco impersonation, Mason may be playing himself into an increased role.

Dman Kyle Quincey has 5 points and a +6 in his last 5 games and is surprising us with his point production this year... he's looking like a solid pickup right now especially cause we'd expect his nasty streak to kick in soon, most recently evident by his 149 PIMs in the AHL last year. 

Two straight starts and two straight wins for Manny Fernandez and he only gave up 3 goals combined.  He's got 7 wins in 9 starts this year and is either pushing for more playing time or looking like great trade bait (which may not be easy to pull off since he comes with a $4.33M cap hit). 

KovalevAfter his 84 point season last year you were probably hoping for a bit more from Alex Kovalev than the 16 points he's picked up so far.  Don't forget he had only 47 points in 2006-07.  This guy has more ups and downs than the stock market (topical!). Nothing you can do but ride it out and hope for the best.

Thomas Vanek scored two more goals and is again the league leader with 17.  We hope you listened to us and drafted this guy.  Always listen to your scouts. 

Good to see our boy Erik Ersberg jump right back between the pipes last night after getting pulled in his last start.  LaBabs got a start and a win last game but they came right back with Double E and he only had to stop 22 of 24 to get the win vs Chicago. 

FrolovAlex Frolov had a goal and an assist last night.  Coming into the match he had only 13 points after averaging 70 points his last two seasons.  We're a bit worried about him as he's losing some of his top line time to a checking role on the fourth line.  We'll need to see a few more games like this before we'll give him the patented FHS thumbs up.

Rob Blake is quietly putting together a monster season, he's gone 3+8=11 and a +7 in his last 7 games, currently sits 3rd in the league for dman scoring and shots and not sure what happened at the end of the game last night (we don't really care) but he went off and racked up 22 PIMs after the final buzzer.

We thought Ottawa had hit rock bottom when they lost to the Islanders twice, back-to-back, a few weeks ago but apparently that wasn't rock.  The new rock bottom is when you lose to the Islanders for the third time in the last 16 days and they pass you in the standings.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which gives you a consolidated list of injuries):

Bergeron,pPatrice Bergeron is playing with an injury.  Of course in the NHL of today we have no idea what that injury is.  It might be the reason for his scoring goal in his last twelve games.  You might want to look for another c-man until he proves he can score again.

Sergei Zubov missed Saturday's game with an undisclosed injury (man we get tired of saying those words).  If you drafted Zubov you had to expect this kind of thing throughout the year.  Sounds like a minor injury but we'll wait and see if he plays tonight. [more]

Lubomir Visnovsky got tossed into the boards head-first by Dave Backes yesterday and left with a concussion.  The team said that he felt fine and wanted to come back into the game so it doesn't look serious.

Two biggies that are supposed to return this week are Danny Briere and Mike Green.  We'd probably wait until Briere comes back before activating him as he's been on the cusp of returning for a few weeks now but we'd recommend getting Green in the lineup as Washington has 4 games this coming week and the opposition is not what we'd call... good.

Returning to action last night was: Steve Bernier and Patrik Berglund

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today?  Ryan O'Byrne had a pretty rough week.  He got schooled by Johan Franzen and of course there was his embarrassing own goal earlier in the week.  Since we're sure Ryan is a regular reader, we thought we might post a video to make him feel a bit better about himself.  The 'Top Ten Own Goals in Sports History':

See Ryan, things could be worse ... your goal probably wouldn't have even made the top 5.