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Daily Dosage - Dec. 4, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

AxelssonWe know we've got a lot of Bruins fans out there so thought we should throw something your way... PJ Axelsson is not hot, never was and never will be... no goals, only 7 points and a team worst -3 on the year.  On the bright side he does lead the team in salary per goals as his $1.85 million per season divided by his zero goals equals infinity (well my calculator says "ERROR" but I'm pretty sure the answer is infinity). 

Mathieu Garon got the start last night for Edmonton (his first in 11 games) and picked up the win over Dallas. Each of the Oilers' three goalies have started in their last three games and none has really stepped up this year so they're looking for someone to get hot and carry them... now its Garon's turn.

Andrew Cogliano had a brutal start to the year but may be coming around as he's 4+2=6 in his last 6 games and remember that he really ramped up his game in the 2nd half last year. 

ByfuglienChicago shuffled their lines on Wednesday night.  The big winner? Dusty Byfuglien who is now lining up with Kris Versteeg and Jonathon Toews.  The big loser? Martin Havlat who gets third line duty. Byfuglien (who has D eligibility in most leagues) could be a huge fantasy play if he sticks on the top line.  Last night Byfuglien had an assist and Havlat had a goal. 

In the Chicago - Anahiem game both Cristobal Huet and Jonas Hiller has great games.  Both are trying to play their way into more playing time.  So games like this will help both of their cases.  Both have nice potential but for different reasons.

Niklas Backstrom got rocked earlier in the week by the Avs.  But like we told you it was only a bump in the road for the Wild netminder.  He shutout the Blues on all of their 22 shots last night. 

2 more assists last night for MA Bergeron and that brings his hot streak to 8 points in his last 6 games.

JovanovskiJovo-Cop looks like he's becoming fantasy relevant again.  He has four assists in three games.  You knew a guy that plays as much as he does would have to start hitting the board eventually. 

We advised you to buy-low on Ottawa forwards recently and if you did, then it should be starting to pay off, Dany Heatley is 4+6=10 in his last 7 games, Alfredsson has 9 in his last 8 and Spezza... not so much, so maybe you can still get him cheap. 

Yeah Ottawa's struggling and can't score but this is really overshadowing how well Alex Auld is playing this year... only 8 wins but the averages are fantastique... 1.96 gaa with a .927 sv%.  He's also been very steady, only giving up more than 3 goals once in his past 15 starts and while no shutouts this year he does have 8 games where he only gave up one goal (lets call them "one-outs").

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which gives you a consolidated list of injuries):   

Joe Sakic is out 4-6 weeks while he gets treatment for a herniated disc in his back.  It could have been worse but back injuries have a bad habit of hanging around all season.

Tomas Holmstrom has declared himself fit to play but the training staff hasn't given him the thumbs up yet.  Looks like he'll be back very soon...which should mean the end of Dan Cleary's time on the top line.

LehtonenThrasher goalie Kari Lehtonen needs another 10 to 14 days until he returns.  We still think all parties would be better off by moving Lehtonen to another team..  As long as he's a Thrasher he won't help your fantasy team much.

As we told you yesterday the red flag on Daniel Briere is flying for a good reason.  Briere will be out another 4 to 5 weeks with his groin injury.  Time to find a replacement.  Hopefully he comes back fully healthy next time.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today?  Sean Avery is everywhere.  We feel like we're writing about baseball or much information to choose from. 

Brett Hull (in an interview with the Fan 590) said that Avery may not be welcomed back by the players.  Good thing he put that good behavior clause in the contract.  Bob McKenzie agrees and thinks he might end up in the minors or bought out.  Wow, we did not see that coming.  Looks like the Stars are already sick of his antics...although he makes a good scape goat for their lousy season.

One scout's take?  It sounds like the NHL (and the Stars) were more annoyed with the publicity stunt rather than what he said.  Seems fair enough to us.  Although don't feel too bad for the Stars.  They knew all about Avery before they paid him a boatload of cash.  You should start looking for a help if you're an Avery owner.

Another scout's take?  Forget Avery, what's gonna happen with Brett Hull?  Always thought this guy was an idiot and based on the interview above he sounds totally clueless that Avery would even be capable of something like this.  If I'm team owner Tom Hicks, Hull is taking as much heat for this mess as Avery is.

Like the Stars...we're tired of Sean Avery.  We need something from a simpler time to take our mind off things: