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Daily Dosage - Dec. 21, 2008

Daily Diarrhea     

LaddAs we mentioned in our Fantasy Fortnight this week....Andrew Ladd is on fire.  He picked up another assist last night and now has 14 points in his last nine games.  We're not sure he can keep this up playing on the third line but maybe this stretch will get him a better pair of linemates.  Ladd was a 4th overall pick in 2004 so maybe he's finally starting to live up to his potential.  Keep an eye on him.

Evgeni Nabokov bounced back from his disaster against the Red Wings with a 32 save performance and a win against the Rangers.  You knew he would be fine.

Philly Kessel extended his point streak to 17 games and shows no sign of slowing down... maybe it would be smarter, save more ink, if we stopped telling you that the streak keeps getting extended and just report when the streak is finally over. Food for thought.  We told you a while back about picking up Phil's sloppy seconds (not that kind), as his linemate Milan Lucic is enjoying a nice little 6 game point streak himself.

Tomas Kaberle has responded to Ron Wilson benching him for a period about 2 weeks ago, he's got 8 points and a +6 in his last 6 since that game.

In a battle to decide who is the Suckier Marty, Turco let in 5 of 33 to captured the crown over Gerber, who only let in 4 of 29 and picked up the win.  When in doubt, its probably a good time to avoid any goalie named Marty... including Turco, Gerber, Prusek or Brodeur.

RyanSome good news might come out of the Teemu Selanne injury (see below) as Bobby Ryan is expected to get moved from the fourth line to the top line.  Even though Ryan (and his fourth line mates) have been hot, this is a good thing for the young winger.  Ryan would be a good short term pickup in deep leagues.

Cristobal Huet had another good game as he stopped 30 of 31 shots and picked up the win last night.  Even though his coach said differently recently we still think Huet will end up getting at least 50% of the starts. 

Sergei Kostitsyn took his brothers spot on the power play and scoring line and picked up two goals last night.  Things are starting to look up for the kid.  It will be interested to see which line Sergei ends up when his older brother returns from injury.  If he's not on one of the top two lines he's not worthy of a start.

Still with the Habs and it looks like Alex Kovalev is starting a different kind of streak.  After going 19 goals without a goal the streaky Russian has scored in three straight.  He's still putting together a good season...even though it's nowhere like last year's totals.

Scott Hartnell and Jeff Carter both had four points nights for Philly last night.  Hartnell also managed not to throw any equipment in the game which is a plus.

LetangKris Letang picked up a power play assist last night but the big news was who he was playing with.  Letang lined up as a forward next to Sidney Crosby for a few shifts.  With Ryan Whitney coming back, it's possible that Letang could be moved to forward ala Brent Burns but we wouldn't count on it.  If you've got a free roster spot it might be a good idea to grab Letang and watch what happens next week.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Patrice Bergeron looked like he suffered another concussion last night, either that or he was drunk when they helped him off the ice.  Bad news for PB and his owners.

Speaking of injured Bergeron's, MA Bergeron has a LBI injury and missed last night's game... we're not sure of the extent yet.

Tom Poti re-aggravated his groin injury last night and couldn't finish the game, he joins Sami Salo in their usual spot on the injured list.

Milan Michalek sat out his second straight game.  He wasn't supposed to be out for too long but the Sharks aren't telling us much. Probably best to get him on your bench till we know for sure.

SelanneWe told you about Teemu Selanne's bizarre leg injury [video] he suffered two nights ago. His self-inflicted cut will keep him out of the lineup 4-6 weeks. Ouch.

Daniel Alfredsson left last night's game after eight minutes of ice time.  Looked like a shoulder injury and he said after the game that he didn't think it was serious but he'll be re-evaluated today.  At least the Senators don't have to worry whether they should be breaking up their top three now.

Niklas Hagman returned from injury last night and scored a goal.  He was doing well before the injury but he's a borderline player at best in most leagues

Mathieu Schneider returned from injury and played over 19 minutes in the game.  He didn't get any points but you probably don't have a better option to start so get 'em in there.

Mike Green didn't miss any games due to his re-aggravated shoulder problem, he was well enough to play 29 minutes last night but was a -4.

Also returning from injuries last night was: Manny Legace, Kari Lehtonen and Jere Lehtinen.

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  We were in a discussion at the pub about what the casual fan wants out of a hockey game. We were arguing that good teams and good plays bring in the fans.  Our opposition believed it was fights, hits and violence.  Today, while looking around for a nice distraction for you we thought we could take a look at the most viewed hockey videos on YouTube to help answer our pub argument.  Probably not the best measure but we'll see how it goes anyway:

#24: "This guy just get's DESTROYED" - 1,001,725 views
A big hit...nice way to start the list.  Look's like the hit is from a WHL game.

#23: "Top 10 Shootout Goals of 2005-06" - 1,020,163 view
Well we guess this proves the fans love the shootout.  How many top tens lists have Jussi Jokinen and Marek Malik at one and two?

#22: "NHL Brawl - Detroit Red Wings - Colorado Avalanche Rivalry" - 1,064,734 views
Now we're talking.  Gotta love else would we be able to re-live the insanity of this 1997 NHL game. 

#21: "Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie" - 1,095,308 views
Mildly entertaining tale of a hockey goalie giving baseball a shot.  Best line..."My groin never felt better"

#20: "Girl HUMILIATES herself at Ice Hockey Game" - 1,099,747 views
First she forgets the words to the star spangled banner then she falls on the ice then she's an internet sensation.  Nice.

#19: "Biggest Hockey Mass Fight Jan 08, 2008" - 1,119,240 views
Considering this video has only been around for about a year it's pretty impressive it's this high up on the list.  After watching the clip (it's the only one on the list we've never seen before) we can't really argue with the title.  It all started with a play that would make Dale Hunter proud.

#18: "SIDNEY CROSBY Top 10" - 1,177,969 views
Imagine how good his Top 10 will be when he retires.

#17: "Alexander Ovechkin" - 1,191,620 views
The YouTube Community has spoken and they think Ovechkin is better than Sid.

#16: "wicked good canadian" - 1,242,566 views
The YouTube Community has spoken again...and they think 13 year old Kevin Roy is even better than Ovechkin.

#15: "Top 10 Hockey Shootout Goals" - 1,242,566 views
So that's 2.2 million people who have watched a Top Ten on Shootouts.  That's a bit depressing to us.

#14: "13 years old canadian sick hockey moves" - 1,273,497 views
It's Kevin Roy again....that means at least 2.5 million times somebody has watching this video?  He can really draw a crowd.  Maybe the Islanders should give him a uniform to fill a few seats.

#13: "A terrible mistake by a hockey goalie :)" - 1,295,576 views
A college goalie can't stop a 90 foot shot.  The poor fellow.

#12: "Clint Malarchuk gets throat slit by skate" - 1,313,263 views
There are a lot of sick bastards out there apparently.  Their blood lust disgusts us.  We love the line by Clint's mother at the end of the clip: "It was horrendous, it was like watching your kid die".  Well yeah, we kinda figured it would have been.

#11: "Will It Blend? - Hockey Pucks" - 1,392,369 views
We had no idea blending was so popular.  What is wrong with our society?

#10: "Possibly the best Ice Hockey fight ever" - 1,563,010 views
"They're connecting like crazy!".  Only one thing is better than a great NHL fight...a great junior fight.

#9: "NHL's Hardest Hockey Hits" - 1,670,210 views
Much better than blending pucks.

#8: "Hockey mom Sarah Palin boo'd at hockey game" - 1,699,897 views
Good times had by all.

#7: "The 20 Best Hockey Goals ever seen" - 2,231,884 views
Terrible music, nice goals.  We've hit the 2 million mark with that clip! 

#6: "Top Ten Hockey Bloopers" - 2,561,378 views
2.5 million people were probably disappointed by this video.  Here's one slightly better if you really need a blooper fix.

#5: "The Hardest Hockey Hit in The World Watch It its Hilarious" - 2,565,291 views
High school kid gets put through the glass.  This one by our boy Milan Lucic is 100X better.

#4: "KO Compilation (Hockey Fights)" - 3,187,909 views
Probably our favourite fight video on YouTube.  Ryan Vandenbussche gets to live one of our fantasies at the 4:20 mark when he KO's Nick Kypreos.

#3: "Best Hockey Fight 1 Punch Knock Out" - 3,878,488 views
One of the fights that was included in the KO Compilation...Aaron Downey probably deserves his own video for what he did to Jess Boulerice anyway.

#2: "Best Hockey Fight Video Ever" - 4,033,434 views
Yeah that's right, the top four hockey videos on YouTube are all fighting videos.  Hmmm...we wonder what the fans want.

#1....the most viewed hockey clip on YouTube has an unbelievable 11,588,058 views.  It is, of course, another fight...this time it's a brawl between the Flyers and Senators on March 4th, 2004:

So of the 24 videos we have:

  • 7 Fighting
  • 4 Great Goals/Plays
  • 3 Big Hits
  • 3 Bloopers
  • 3 Miscellaneous
  • 2 Shootouts
  • 1 Blending

Maybe the NHL should start deciding their games with a fight instead of a shootout? 

Looks like this doesn't help our side of the argument.  We'll just have to keep it to ourselves then.

If you have a favourite throw it in the comments section.  We're curious if the hard core hockey fans (we're assuming that's you) agree with the above list.