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Daily Dosage - Dec. 12, 2008

Daily Diarrhea       

Konopka Tampa Bay Wins! and Kolzig Wins!  Can't add much more to that, we're in shock and Barry Melrose must be pretty down cause he was hoping they wouldn't win another game.  Our efficiency expert Zenon Konopka was at it again, after 7 PIMs in 47 seconds on Wednesday, he came back and fought the tower of power that is Francis Bouillon (and lost) on his first shift last night but then must have turned gun-shy cause he played another 4 minutes and did nothing of note.

Marty St. Louis had 2 goals last night and is 5+3=8 during a 6 game point streak so the big guns on Tampa Bay might be starting to shake off the rust.  If they could ever get their PP going then they might be in business.

We're not sold yet but its a good sign... Kris Russell has had a string of games since being called up and has points in back-to-back games.  He's the CBJs most gifted offensive dman so he should be running the PP but Hitchcock sees lots of holes in his game so its a crapshoot if he's going to get the opportunity.

Again, let us be clear... Never trust a goalie from the Islanders... Pittsburgh put up three field goals on them last night, one goalie was 15 for 19 and the other was 14 for 19, not sure which one was which, it doesn't really matter, they both sucked.

Hat-tricks all around last night:

  • Petr Sykora got his first career trick after something like 41 two goal games without one. Attaboy PeSyk!Sykora

  • Pascal Dupuis got his first as well... someone should tell him that hat-tricks against the Islanders don't really count.

  • Scott Hartnell had a sweet fantasy game last night with the hat-job, fight and 6 shots.

  • Dusty Brown had one, and its about time, as he hadn't scored in 8 games despite being second in the league in shots.

Michael Frolik has seen his ice-time increase lately (up to 15+ minutes) and he's responded with 6 points in his last 6 games.  We wouldn't run out and add him to your lineup but worth keeping an eye on.

Our Alexei Kovalev Goal Drought Watch is up to 18 games now and the end is nowhere in sight.  We won't go into how much talent this guy has because its been proven that motivation (or lack thereof) easily trumps talent... and this guy is the poster boy.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Koivu Saku Koivu left last night's game with a LBI, he'll be re-evaluated today.

Drew Doughty left last night's game with a suspected hand injury and he'll be re-evaluated today as well.

Manny Legace is going to be a out at least a week after that concussion he suffered on Wednesday night.

The injury that's kept Matt Carle out for the past 5 games is now described as a rib injury that causing back pain, so we'll call it a mid-body injury... sounds like he's not improving too much so we'll call him week-to-week. 

Returning from injury last night was: Philippe Boucher and Sam Gagner

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  We all know there is no crying in hockey, right?.  Well that doesn't mean tough hockey fans like us can't show their emotions.  In that spirit we present you with our Top 5 Inspirational Hockey Commercials:

#5 - Cup Raise

Some nice editing by the NHL.  The ad 'One Play' has a similar concept and it works almost as well.

#4 - Pond of Dreams

Sure it makes number four but really this should be a LOT better considering who's starring.

#3 - Lemieux to Crosby

Featuring a little kid makes it pretty easy to be inspirational.  RBK took the high road with their Crosby ads, while they are usually a bit more boring they should stand the test of time better.

#2 - Gretzky to Richard

More nice editing.  Gotta love it when a commercial gets the right.

#1 - Albert

Just like Slap Shot is an easy choice for the best hockey movie of all time, 'Albert' is an easy choice for this list.  Even to this day this commercial makes us well up a little bit...and we're big tough guys...  imagine how it affects the average man.  One question though...why is his first name on the back of the jersey?  That has always driven us nuts.