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Daily Dosage - Dec. 16, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea - after a very light night 

Raycroft Andrew Raycroft picked up a big win over Detroit last night stopping 34 of 36 shots and now has a 4-1 record on the year.  Before you run out to pick him up realize that, despite the record, he's only started 2 of the Avs last 20 games so there's not a lot of confidence there and if he was given a run of games we'd expect him to fold like an ironing board. 

Teddy Purcell had 2 points last night in his third game since being re-called from the AHL. He skated on the 1st line with Kopitar and O'Sullivan so lets hope he can stick there.  He saw virtually no PP time, so that's going to have to increase for him to be a viable option but we'll keep an eye on that situation.

In a move that may affect Purcell, LA announced that they will release Oscar Moller to join Sweden for the upcoming World Junior tournament.  Classy move by the Kings cause its not like Oscar isn't a contributor, he's putting together a solid rookie season and plays a pretty steady 12-15 minutes a night with over 3 mpg on the PP.  Look for Purcell to pick up some of that PP time while Oscar's gone.

Schremp Robbie Schremp has been sent down to the AHL.  We were hoping the talented Schremp would get more or a look but not this time.  He had a respectable three assists in four games.  Hopefully we'll see him for a more extended period of time soon.

It's looking like Simeon Varlamov has started his first and last game in the NHL...for now.  Brent Johnson is expected to start tonight and with Jose Theodore practicing the rookie Varlamov should be back down in the 'A' shortly.  He had a great debut but he needs more seasoning.

Canada made their final cuts for the World Junior Championship team and the big surprise was that Taylor Hall didn't make the squad.  Granted, he is only 17 and they seemed to go with a slightly older team with a lot of 19 year olds, but hey, the kid is good enough to be leading the OHL in scoring so he's shown that age isn't a factor.  Oh well, there will still be lots of talent on display and we'll have a little scouting guide for you soon as we get ready for the tournament that starts on Boxing Day.     

RolstonBrian Rolston was skating with Bobby Holik and David Clarkson at practice yesterday.  We told you about this third line job for Rolston a week or so ago but were pretty hopefully things would eventually change.  We were expecting somebody on the scoring lines to cool down.  Nobody's cooling.  The longer this arrangement sticks the less chance we have of seeing Rolston on the top unit again.  He's still getting PP minutes but this is bad news for Rolston owners.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Erik Ersberg left last night's game with an injury to his lower half, which isn't typically a good thing for goalies.  He'll be re-evaluated today, if you hear whispers that it's his groin then start to "plan the plan" for replacing him.

Curtis Glencross has a LBI and is not expected to be able to go for the next few games. The Jamie Lundmark has been recalled to replace him... yes, that Jamie Lundmark.

FleischmannTomas Fleischmann is expected to return tonight for the Caps.  He was performing very well before he was injured -- filling in for some other fallen comrades in a bigger role.  We'll keep an eye on him his first few games back and see where he's lining up.   

Kyle Okposo was spotting taking slap shots at practice yesterday and experienced no discomfort to his injured wrist.  Considering he was expected to be out till mid-Jan this has to be good news for the Islanders best prospect.  Islanders best prospect...isn't that like saying your the smartest kid in Standard Math?

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  Do you know how annoying it is to find a distraction on the weekend (particularly Sunday)?  Almost everybody out there takes a few days off -- except us of course.  On the plus side, Monday morning offers a plethora of choices:

Read an entertaining interview with Jaromir Jagr that NHL Fanhouse passed along.  It was done by Dmitry Chesnokov of Sovetsky Sport (the guy who did the infamous Semin interview earlier this season).  Jagr discusses the economics of the NHL and KHL but the best quotes are regarding his old teammate Avery (who Jagr speaks pretty highly of)

  • Have you heard about the scandal in the NHL because of your former Rangers teammate Sean Avery?
    "I heard that he said something about his ex who is now dating Calgary defenseman Dion Phaneuf. But what exactly did he say?
  • I know. But I am not going to repeat that.
    "Tell me, tell me!" Jagr is asking Lysenkov without even noticing that there is a female interpreter present. Lysenkov wrote Avery's words on a piece of paper.
    "What does that mean? Some kind of slang ... I don't understand the translation ... A used girl? You know what I think? I think if Avery was not in Canada, he wouldn't have said that. The guy was simply working the publicity. He tried to unsettle the opposing team players before the game."
  • "Sometimes. Sometimes we didn't have a good game and Sean would come to me and say with a straight face: "You played awfully bad today." And how should I react to that? I would reply with a sad face: "Sorry, Sean. I know, Sean. I am going to work harder to improve my numbers." It's a little anecdotal."
  • "But you have to know Sean. Yes, he is a bad boy. But this is his image. It is all acting. In his soul he is a vulnerable and sentimental person. And Avery also loves confrontations and trouble. He likes to draw attention to himself. That's his life. Sean should have become an actor. He would have had a great career in Hollywood. But he is a good player. Believe me. He has speed, sense of the game, sees the net well – he has everything. In some games Avery was Rangers' best player. If he is trusted by the team he always plays well.
  • I think Sean needs a strong coach like Mike Keenan. To have him under control. Then a lot of scandals could have been avoided.
  • Would you love to see him playing for Avangard Omsk?
    "No!" Jagr started waiving his hands and almost fell from his chair laughing. "Two years playing together for the Rangers was enough. Couldn't you come up with a lighter sentence?" 

One of our Scouts is a Leaf fan so he's feeling a bit down.  We thought we might post this video of Leaf property Tyler Ruegsegger (which we found on Two Line Pass):to cheer him up a bit.  Looks pretty talented.  We're sure the Leafs will end up trading him for Mike Comrie or something.

Finally, it's the Knob Hockey League.  Anything that combines toilet humour and NHL hockey is okay with us.  One question though....why does Jarkko Ruutu sound like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? How awesome would it be if that were true?  He would be the greatest agitator of all time.