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Daily Dosage - Dec. 25, 2008

Daily Diarrhea - Christmas Edition

Even though Justin Pogge has played very well Ron Wilson said that he'll be going back down to the AHL for the short term.  We expected this.  Pogge's upside will be realized if Toskala gets traded. 

With all the news yesterday, Tim Thomas' stellar performance got lost in the shuffle.  Manny Fernandez looked to be running away with the number one job and Thomas was scuffling a bit.  But Thomas got back to his early season form with a 25 save shutout over the hot Devils.  One of those 25 saves was this beauty. Both Bruin goalies should be splitting the time in Beantown and getting very good numbers.

As we told you yesterday, Marion Gaborik is shutting it down for two games...Sunday and Monday.  Pretty weird.  He'll have four days of rest before his next game and the first game back is against division rivals Calgary.  Some are thinking the Wild are holding him out so they can trade him after the rosters unfreeze.  We can't understand why a team would trade for Gaborik and his wonky groin but desperation is a stinky cologne.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

More news on the Paul Stastny injury we told you about yesterday.  It's a broken forearm and he's out indefinitely.  Usually a broken forearm would keep a player out 4-6 weeks...Ryan Malone missed 16 games in 2006 with one.  Like the Avs, Statsny owners might want to start searching for a center to trade for.

Marco Sturm's knee is experiencing some swelling...which apparently means he might need surgery.  He's already out a month so this isn't good news. [more]

Erik Ersberg should be back from injury soon after Christmas according to the Kings goalie coach, Billy Ranford.  With Jon Quick coming off a shutout the Kings aren't in any rush to push Ersberg. [more]

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  Merry Christmas loyal FHS reader!  We're hoping you haven't filled up on Christmas cheer yet because we've got a couple more videos for you. 

The Christmas carol...allowing family members to embarrass themselves for hundreds of years.  Here are couple of carols...NHL style:

The Sharks Bumble Their Way Through Jingle Bells:

and even better....a very odd tribute to the loved Hartford Whalers: