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Daily Dosage - Dec. 5, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Crosby_AS Sidney Crosby is in a groove right now.  Four more assists last night bring him within two of Evgeni Malkin for the NHL lead.  Imagine if he had a decent winger to play with.  Alexander Ovechkin had three points last night.  He's good too... and apparently computers all over think so too as Crosby got a bizonkers number of votes yesterday and pulled into the lead in the all-star ballot.  Anyone want to bet that if you trace where all those votes came from that it might lead you to Gary Bettman's house?

Speaking of Betsy... a 3 hour meeting with Sean Avery???  Anyone else thinking that Avery has suffered enough punishment after that ordeal?  I think I'd opt for waterboarding over that. 

From the "I have full confidence in my goaltender file"... Wayne Gretzky pulled Mikael Tellqvist after the 2nd period despite the game being tied... Telly did give up 3 goals on 9 shots so it's not like it wasn't deserved but a little harsh.  Turned out to be a great move as Bryzgalov came in, Phoenix got 3 in the third and pulled out the win.

Marty Hanzal had a hat-trick for Phoenix, this kid's got some offensive talent but long-term we think he'll grow into more of a 3rd line center role... ala Bobby Holik.

Heard two interesting stats while watching the Pittsburgh game last night (didn't confirm either of them but this is what we're told):

  • Petr Sykora leads the league in the most 2 goal games by a player that has never scored a hat-trick.

  • Jordan Staal has 8 goals on the year, 3 coming in one game and 4 of them are empty-netters.

ClemmensenAfter last night's win, Scott Clemmenson has won four of five games.  It's looking like Clem is the man until Marty Brodeur gets back.  He has a 2.55 GAA and a .916 SV% so he's not the worst goalie you could be using -- that would be Marty Turco ... zing!  If you're looking for help in the crease give him a go and hope for the best. 

One of the forwards we pegged in our fantasy fortnight article was Patrik Elias.  Elias continued his hot streak with another two goals last night -- one game tying and one game winning.  His hot streak means it's too late for you to grab him but we fully expect a bounce-back 80 points+ for Elias.

Also in the hottie file lately:

  • David Krejci is 5+6=11 in his last 7 games and none have come on the PP.

  • Jiri Hudler is 8+2=10 in his last 9 games and he's doing it without big ice-time.

  • And the prince of hotness right now is Philly Kessel with 8 goals in his last 8 games and a 10 game point streak.

Three straight wins for Florida and Craig Anderson, who stopped 45 last night to beat Buffalo.  We'd be wary of starting a Florida goalie but Anderson has been solid lately and is a must add if you own Vokoun.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page which gives you a consolidated list of injuries):       

GaborikWhere's Marian Gaborik?  Some fantasy owners were drafting this guy in the first couple of far they have received nothing for their high pick.  We wish we could tell you things are getting better but he still isn't well enough to practice (although he was on skates the other day).  He's not expected back any time soon...and when he comes back it might be in a different uniform.

Curtis Sanford shook off some back spasms and was well enough to start the game but was not good enough to finish it as he left after getting lit-up for 6 goals vs Detroit last night.

Matt Carle missed his second straight game with a suspected back injury, he's listed as day-to-day.

Dennis Wideman missed last night's game with a non-serious groin injury, so he should be back soon.

CheechooJonathon Cheechoo missed his third straight game with an UBI.  He should begin practicing soon but are his eight points really going to help your fantasy team?  How can he only have eight points playing on San Jose?  Time to cut bait. [more]

Simon Gagne has been one of the best surprises of the year for fantasy owners.  His 31 points have owners hoping of a repeat of 2005-06 when he scored 79 points in 72 games.  He missed the third period last night but it is apparently only due to dehydration.  Any other player we would believe it's just a minor thing...but with Gagne we would wait a bit before relaxing.

Wade Redden left the game last night with a LBI... he said he just "tweaked" something, we'll wait until we hear a second opinion before deciding how serious this is.

Brian Rolston and Justin Williams returned from injury last night and played 11  and 13 minutes respectively...both with no points.  Williams has come back much earlier than expected so he might take a few games to get it going.  Definitely worth an add.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today?  Since all hockey content on the net is now 100% Sean Avery related we needed to go outside the world of hockey to find an entertaining story.  Lucky for us, NFL star Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg this week.  Covering hockey we don't get to discuss gun related injuries very often so this is a nice change for us. 

As you probably heard Plaxico brought a gun into a nightclub.  He was wearing sweatpants and holding the gun in the waistband of the sweaties.  The gun started to slide down his leg.  Then...'bang'.  Awesome.  First question.  What kind of dress code does this club have if they let in a guy wearing sweatpants?  Next question.....actually, maybe we should leave the comedy to Jon Stewart this time: