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Daily Dosage - Dec. 9, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

VrbataHahaha.  Oh sorry...didn't see you there.  We just finished watching our favourite show...'Koules and the Gang'.  What a great comedy.  In today's episode, the Lightning pay $9 million for average winger Radim Vrbata... RV can't adjust to life in Florida (really stressful in Florida, they say) so he asks to be sent home to the Czech Republic.  Classic episode.  They can't even pay somebody $3 MM to play on this team!  Vrbata looks to be gone for the year (maybe ever), so drop him if you held onto him for this long. [more]

Our PKGSW (Philly Kessel Goal Streak Watch) is up to 6 games after he bagged another last night and the point streak is up to 12 games.  David Krejci has a 9-gamer going as well... we're feeling like geniuses cause both these guys were in our top 10 breakout candidates in the Breakout Bible, until someone reminds us that Sergei Kostitsyn and Nigel Dawes may have been in our top 10 as well... again, why are we so honest? (see our top 50 in the Breakout Tracker).

2 assists last night for Dennis Wideman gives him 6 points in his last 4 games.  He played a crazy 31:32 of ice time last night and when you're on the ice for half the game and you're playing for a team that's won 14 of their last 16 games, good things happen.

Chris Mason took the reigns on the starting job in STL but look out here comes Manny Legace.  Last night's win (3 goals on 21 shots) marked back-to-back games for Legace.  Looks like St. Louis is going  with the hot hand...which will be annoying both Legace and Mason owners for the foreseeable future.

ClearyDan Cleary spent some time on the top line with Pavel Datysuk and Marian Hossa last weekend.  Whoa, don't get too excited Cleary's expected that Cleary will be back on the third line soon.  Babcock might just be taking some of the pressure off Tomas Holmstrom as he's coming back from injury.

Kris Versteeg was handed a one game suspension for his part the late brawl on Sunday night.  He picked up 27 minutes of penalties on the the brawl wasn't all bad news for fantasy owners. 

Another 2 point night for Patrik Berglund, that's three of those in a row, and he played a season high 21 minutes last night.  Love the rookie's game, he's uses his big frame and has that ability to shield the puck from defenders like a Jagr or a Sundin.

Brad Boyes runs hot or cold and right now the temp is rising as he's 4+6=10 in his last 6 games.  Double B is shooting the puck a little bit more as well, which you need cause he's a liability when it comes to plus/minus and PIMs.   

RolstonBrian Rolston has been playing on the third line since returning from injury.  The Devils have been scoring in bunches lately, so we're guessing this movie has more about not messing with the hot forwards than with anything Rolston is doing.  He's still getting time on the top PP unit and we don't expect him to remain on the third line for too long. [more]

BJ Crombeen had a hat-trick last night (he's with St. Louis now if you lost track or, more likely, never heard of him)... kudos to the kid but we don't recommend you invest in Beens, cause we think you could be waiting a while for his next hat-trick.

Jeremy Williams got the call from the AHL to fill in for Niklas Hagman and did what he usually does in his first game up with the Leafs... he shoots, he scores.  We'll see what kind of a shot they give the kid this year, but we're pessimistic. Williams also set up Jason Blake on a sweet feed and "The Ugliest Dude in the League" now has two 3 point efforts in his past 3 games... hopefully some sucker GM was watching and will take this guy off of Brian Burke's hands... not likely.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

LuongoRoberto Luongo -- that goalie you picked with your first round pick-- is coming back.  The Canucks said they are expecting him back this Saturday.  That might be a bit optimistic, but we'll keep an eye on how things go for Luongo this week. Barring a set-back he should be good to go next week. [more]

Mikkael Tellqvist is suffering from a LBI, so even though Ilya Bryzalgov has had two shockers in a row expect him to be starting in the short term for the Coyotes.

Whitney,ryanFor those of you that have held on to Ryan Whitney all might be time to get pumped.  Whitney is expected to begin full contact practices this week and might to return around mid December. 

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  We love playing any form of hockey.  Air, Road, Ball, Table, Bubble, name it we like it.  Except for field hockey.  Field hockey is for girls.  We have discovered another form of hockey that we are particularly keen to try.  Sprint in Suzuki Sprint.  It's the brain child of the guys at the excellent British show 'Top Gear' (who else?):

"Ice Hockey is basically the most violent sport in the none".  Where would he get that idea?  A week ago we would have thought the new-NHL wouldn't have been too thrilled with the Top Gear 'endorsement'.  After seeing the suspensions they dish out for physical violence and verbal stupidity we're not too sure anymore.