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Daily Dosage - Jan. 24, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Stamkos Apparently when Tampa Bay scratches Stevie Stamkos, in addition to the humiliation and disappointment of watching the game in the press box, the Lightning make Stevie take notes about what he observes and he has to review them with assistant coach Wes Walz the next day.  Wow, this may be one of the lesser known disadvantages of Stamkos staying in the NHL this year, at least if he was in Junior or College, he wouldn't have to do any homework. [more]

Remember when Aaron Voros had 9 points in his first 8 games and everyone was going ga-ga over this clown... well he's on a new hot streak these days, he's picked up 7 scratches in the Rangers last 10 games after only producing 5 points in the 30 games after his quick start. 

Staal_J Good time to reflect on a few of our side wagers from this year... we took some heat at the beginning of the season for not showing much love for Jordan Staal and so we bet a loyal reader that Staal wouldn't crack 40 points this year.  Well he's got 26 so far and is on pace for 44, so it looks like its going to come down to the wire.  Feeling a lot better about a bet with a delusional Flames fan that Todd Bertuzzi would outscore Jarome Iginla this year (if you have to ask, we took Iginla)... lets just say that we've already spent the money. 

We've been telling you for a little while not to sleep on Anze Kopitar and if you have the opportunity to grab him from a frustrated owner, you have our blessing.  Doesn't look like he'll approach the 77 points he put up in his sophomore year but he has 8 points in his last 8 games and if he can keep up that improved play he could still surpass 70.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Datsyuk_AS No real injury news but the NHL is going to make Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom feel the pain by forcing them to sit out the Red Wings first game after the all-star break because they skipped out on the weekend's all-star festivities.  Good for the NHL to put their foot down cause the whole All-Star game has become such a joke but I'm sure this didn't make Dats and Lids think twice about their decision. 

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  Sorry kids, but the All-Star game and skills competition is really just for kids... honestly, real manly-men like ourselves don't get too fired up about this stuff.  Like cmon, check out this preview of the skills competition and tell us that you're real excited to see Patty Kane try his "Hand-Pass" move?  Like to see him try that fancy footwork with the puck between his skates if Scott Stevens was out there.