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Daily Dosage - Jan. 26, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Kovalev_AS We could tell you that Milan Hedjuk, Patrick Marleau, Sheldon Souray, Joe Thornton, Jay Bouwmeester, Alex Kovalev, Alex Ovechkin and Marc Savard all had a big All Star Game....but would you really care?  Let's get back to the real games... and the answer to the question, when the hell do the real games start again?... is Tuesday.  I know, stay away from open windows today.

Yesterday we gave you our All-2nd Half Stinker Team, the guys who set their engines to cruise control during the all-star break and fall asleep at the wheel.  Alright, well today, its all about the guys who make a habit of turning it up after the all-star break... we won't ask them what they were doing in the 1st half.  Here's our All-2nd Half Stars Team:

F - Pavel Datsyuk - career ppg... .93 pre AS break, 1.08 post AS break.  His numbers have increased post break in 4 of the past 5 seasons.  

F - Brad Richards - career ppg... .84 pre AS break, .99 post AS break.  His numbers have increased post break in each of the past 6 seasons. 

Elias F - Patrik Elias - career ppg... .82 pre AS break, .93 post AS break.  His numbers have increased post break in 4 of the past 5 seasons.  

Honorable mentions amongst the forwards go to Jonathan Cheechoo (.60 pre, .84 post... but it helps when you're playing with Joe Thornton) and Daniel Briere (.75 pre, .88 post... who won't have much of a season at all if he ever recovers from these injuries).

D - Jay Bouwmeester - career ppg... .41 pre AS break, .48 post AS break.  His numbers have increased post break in 2 of the past 3 seasons.  

D - Mark Streit - career ppg... .53 pre AS break, .65 post AS break.  His numbers have increased post break in the past 2 seasons.  

Honorable mentions amongst the Dmen go to Pavel Kubina (.40 pre, .43 post, increased 3 of the last 4 years) and Brian Campbell (.47 pre, .54 post, 29 pts in 35 games post break last year). 

Turco G - Marty Turco - career numbers... 2.34 gaa & .908 sv% pre AS break, 2.01 gaa & .917 sv% post AS break.  His numbers improve post break every year.

Honorable mentions amongst the goalies go to Henrik Lundqvist (pre: 2.42, .913  post: 2.08, .923) and Niklas Backstrom (pre: 2.32, .922  post: 1.98, .928).

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Kris Versteeg sat out the YoungStars game on Saturday and is questionable for Chicago's next game with an injured finger.  You might want to sit the rook if you have a decent replacement this week.

Don't forget Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom won't be playing for Detroit on Tuesday night because Gary Bettman is a douchebag.

Distraction of the Day      

Hockeyhodgepodge What's distracting us today?  All-Star weekend might be interesting to little kids and the casual fans but it's torture for fantasy owners.  Four days without any games that count?  What are we supposed to do with our time?  If that wasn't bad enough, now the NHL is suspending All-Star snubs from real games

So with that in mind we'll go to the Hockey Hodge Podge again and give you a few bowls of linky goodness:

- During the All Star weekend Joe Thornton said Roberto Luongo is a "a nice, dark, good-looking Italian guy."  Luongo decided to wait to shower until after Thornton left the arena. [h/t to Deadspin]

- The Mascots Challenge might be the greatest collection of hockey playing stuffed animals ever assembled.

- Ovie trying to get a date, Ovie on a Segway, Ovie as a rock star...this video has it all.  Too bad it has Elliotte Freidman in it as well.

- No Sid the Kid last night in Montreal so how about a video of Sid when he was a kid?

- Let's fix the Skills Competition...this might make things a tad more exciting:

(thanks to BMR for the video)