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Daily Dosage - Jan. 3, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Samsonov Regardless of the fact that Sergei Samsonov is just riding on the hot coattails of Eric Staal, he has been fairly productive recently, 5+8=13 and a +7 in his last 14 games.  He's seen his ice time increase since Paul Maurice took over and he has been a fixture on Staal's line so he's got an opportunity to keep this run going but we're sure that his lack of motivation will take over soon and he'll start tanking.

Cam Ward is starting to heat up for the Canes... 6-2-1, 2.08, .921 since the beginning of December.  C-Ward owners know that consistency is the big thing with him and he's been getting his consistency on lately by only giving up more than 3 goals once in his last 11 starts.

Steve Mason couldn't make it 4 straight shutouts but he did get the One-out over Colorado and that win pulls the CBJs ahead of the Avs into the 8th playoff spot in the Western Conference... holy shiit.

Vancouver's acquisition of Jason LaBarbera just wreaks of desperation and they showed more desperation by starting him in both ends of a back-to-back after he complained of cramps after the first game?  The result: they lose to an inferior Atlanta team when LaBabs gives up 3 goals on 37 shots.  How is it that stupid people can get jobs with NHL teams and we're stuck here writing useless drivel free of charge?

Kyle Okposo has a 5 game point streak going, with 7 points over that stretch, as he's enjoying the increased ice-time and PP responsibilities he's been given lately.

Pacioretty Max Pacioretty was called up to replace Alex Tanguay and he did what Tangs has done way too infrequently this year, pot a goal.  Max had a solid pre-season and we'd expect him to finish the season in the NHL but we're not ready to recommend him as and add yet as he only played 8 minutes on the 4th line last night.  Oh and we have a Marc Denis sighting, he's back in the NHL, playing the final period of Montreal's game last night.

Danny Carcillo has been scratched in 3 of the past 5 games, his 2 goals this year haven't quite lived up to Wayne's prediction that he could be a 25 goals scorer at some point if he concentrated on playing.

Olli Jokinen has been fairly average this season but is starting to pick it up with 7 points in his last 6 games and with all the things he brings to the party (PIMs, PPP, shots) he might be a little undervalued right now so see if you can get him on the cheap.

Nate Gerbe was sent down to the AHL by Buffalo, good news for your AHL pool as he has been lighting it up down there.  He should be back up with Buffalo later in the year but we're still skeptical that this 5'5" waterbug will make it big.   

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

So Maid Marian Gaborik has made the decision to go ahead with the hip surgery that will keep him out 10 weeks so that really pooches Minny as they won't be able to move him at the trade deadline and could lose him for nothing.

Colaiacovo Carlo Colaiacovo left last night's game with an apparent concussion, he'll be re-evaluated today... feel bad for the guy cause he just can't stay healthy.  Don't feel bad for St. Louis or any fantasy GMs who own this guy... you knew what you were getting when you acquired him. 

Patrick Eaves left last night's game with a UBI... we're sure you'll really miss that whopping 6 points he's put up this year.

Rick DiPietro started last night after missing 3 games with a groin injury. If it wasn't for the fact that Ricky has bad hips, knees and groins and that he plays for the Islanders, we might consider using one of our precious unlimited FA pickups on him. 

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  Getting ready for the big Canada-Russia WJHC semi-final tonight and there's no better way to get all jacked-up then to watch the Piestany Punch-Up (at the 1987 WJHC) like a few hundred times.  This brawl had it all... of course, Theo Fleury was right in the middle of it, Canadian back-up goalie Shawn Simpson fighting a headless Russian goalie (2:15 mark), Pat Burns on the bench looking like he wants a piece of the Russian coaches (4:00 mark), Pierre Turgeon earns his "Pussy" label by not helping his teammates out, officials turn the lights out and apparently you can still fight in the dark cause that didn't solve anything and the refs have had enough so they hit the showers early.  Then after the game Don Cherry says that we should all "Blame the Russians"... as we said, it had it all... enjoy...