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Daily Dosage - Jan. 30, 2009

Daily Diarrhea     

Forsberg_Modo Peter Forsberg has announced that he won't be making a return to the NHL this year and that if he does play it will be in Sweden for Modo.  You never know with this guy as he told everyone he wasn't ready to return last year and then signed with Colorado like the next day... so believe whatever you want but its looking less likely that he's coming back so it might be time to cut the cord if you've been stashing Foppa on your roster.

You know what's awful?  Tomas Plekanec is awful.  Dude had a breakout season with 69 points last year but is currently on pace to chase that down with only 34 points this year.  Seems that Coach Carbs has finally caught on as TP has seen reduced ice & PP time lately and has been bumped off of Alex Kovalev's line... all that's led to nada in his last 7 games.  

Seeing Ryane Clowe have a healthy season is kinda like seeing Sasquatch riding a unicorn... you'd have to see it to believe it... well, that's what we're seeing from Clowe and when healthy, he's very effective as he's on pace for almost 70 points this year.  In addition, he's been hot lately with 5+8=13 in his last 12 and he even chipped in with a fight last night.

Kyle Okposo is giving the people on the Island something to cheer about with 4 goals in his last 3 games.  He's been seeing decent ice-time lately which has has led to a nice run with 7+5=12 in his last 14 games after a pretty weak start with only 5 points in his first 21 games. 

Raycroft_Leafs Just the thought of the Maple Leafs jersey scared Andrew Raycroft to the point of paralysis last night and he gave up a season high 7 goals to his former team (his season high prior to last night was 4).  Razor is starting to find the form that Leaf fans remember oh so well as he's lost his last 5 games.  Hell, even Nik Antropov scored on him and he hasn't been able to beat anybody in his last 16 games. 

Jason Blake picked up another three points last night.  That's 11 points in just six games.  We're still not ready to give him our endorsement but if you want to take a flier on him in deep leagues...go for it.  Hell, while your in a state of desperation, might as well pick up Blake's linemate, Dom Moore too... he's 3+5=8 in his last 6 games and has already set a career high in points with 29 which is a pretty big jump from his previous best of 18 points.

On to guys you might actually consider picking up... we've become big Michael Frolik fans lately and we dug into MF's number a little bit more... 2 points in his first 19 games and 22 points in his last 24 games.  Other impressive nuggets include that only 7 of his points have come on the PP, which bodes well once those points start flowing and despite his shot total looking low, he's averaged about 2.4 per game over his last 24 & that works out to a respectable 195 over a full season.

Elliot Brian Elliott picked up his fourth win (4-2-1) when he stopped 22 of 23 shots against the Blues last night.  He's got a nice 2.27 GAA and .918 SV% for the Senators who don't look completely lost with him between the pipes. 

Rich Peverley picked up three points for the Thrash last night.  That's 11 points in seven games with Atlanta.  We've been talking about The Pev for a few weeks now so hopefully you jumped on the bandwagon.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Kessel As we told you yesterday Phil Kessel was set to return to the lineup last night.  It was pretty successful as he picked up two assists playing with Marc Savard and Milan Lucic.  His breakout season (43 points in 43 games) continues.

Dan Boyle missed another game last night with his UBI.  He was questionable for the game so it can't be too serious.  We don't expect him to miss anymore time.

Scott Walker was hurt a few games ago by a Matt Cooke hit to the head but was playing through it... until now, as he missed last night's game.  He's probably only day-to-day but Walker and injuries go together like Gary Bettman and stupidity (you can't have one without the other).

Returning to action last night from the injured list was: Pavel Datsyuk, Doug Weight and Chris Campoli.

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  It's about time for another exciting episode of HOCKEY HODGE PODGE:

Hockeyhodgepodge- We're not sure if Nathan Horton has been hypotized or he's trying to hypotize us into not smoking.  Either way it's a bit unsettling. [h/t to FanHouse]

- Another great top ten list....the top ten funny goal celebrations.  Maybe not so much funny as they are awesome.

- We know it's not hockey related...but it's Roger Clemen's balls we're talking about here people. [thanks Deadspin]

- We finally found some good footage of Alex Ovechkin checking out those girls at the All Star Game.  He is a stud.

- We weren't sure if we should include this video because it's a little bit low brow.  Then we realized we love low brow.  Besides, anything that can make Harry Snepsts sound dirty is aces in our books: