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Daily Dosage - Jan. 7, 2009

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Daily Diarrhea

Sundin This should be the last Mats Sundin rumour for a while... as the winds are blowing that Mats will make his long anticipated debut tonight in Edmonton.  We've got the jersey all ready for him... bad news for Artem Chubarov, apparently the Canucks have no plans to retire your jersey.

Another 3 point night for Pavel Datsyuk gives him 20 points in his last 11 games.

It's been kinda a quiet season so far for Chris Pronger, no injuries or suspensions and a bit of a slow start on the ice but things are heating up for Prongs with 6 points in his last 6 games.

Alex Auld only gave up 3 goals in last night's loss to Buffalo, which is a personal best over his last 7 starts (all losses)... baby steps Sens fans, baby steps.  So Auld didn't bite too bad but you know who likes to bite?... other than Hannibal Lecter, Mike Tyson and that kid, Timmy, from your nursery school... Jarko Ruutu is a biter, he bit Andrew Peters' thumb during a tussle last night.  

Keith Duncan Keith is having a whale of a season, more so in real life than fantasy land but he does offer some good stuff to fantasy hockey GMs... he's 3+8=11 and a +12 in his last 10 games and that puts him on pace for 50 points and a rather toasty +53.

Daymond Langkow has a 6-game point streak going and is 5+4=9 during the streak.  He and Bertuzzi have found a little chemistry to give Calgary some secondary scoring.  Both of these guys are most likely gone in your league but you can probably grab the third member of the line, Rene Bourque, on the cheap and he's 6+7=13 in his last 11 games.

Bryan McCabe had a triumphant return to Toronto last night as Florida prevailed and McCabe assisted on a goal that went into the Leafs net (not the first time)... oh, Caber... he's actually been pretty decent lately for the Panthers with 6 points in his last 7 games but his numbers don't look like they'll come close to his hay-day in Toronto, he's probably been enjoying the sun down south too much.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Nash Rick Nash left last night's game with an apparent ankle injury... latest word is that its not expected to be a long-term thing... Big phew for Nash owners and Columbus.

Paul Kariya had that hip surgery that we've all been anticipating for a while and its pretty certain that he's shutting it down for the season, that is unless St. Louis makes a deep run in the playoffs.  You can't see my face but lets just say its less than straight.

Ruslan Fedotenko took one shift last night, got into a fight, knocked down Colby Armstrong with one punch and then hit the showers early.  Apparently he hurt his hand when he mashed it into Colby's skull.  Pascal Dupuis left the game early as well, both these guys will be re-evaluated today.

Chris Clark left last night's game with a LBI injury, not sure on the extent.

Simon Gagne returned from missing 2 games with a shoulder injury and jumped right back onto the 1st line, so he looks good to activate.

Also returning to action last night from injury was: Craig Rivet, Patrick Eaves and Erik Ersberg 

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?   We're still a little bit giddy after Canada's five-peat in the World Juniors.  But the show must go on.  We've been saving up our favourite Winter Classic videos until the WJC was here you go: