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Daily Dosage - Feb. 9, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Programming note: Check out the Championship game of the Beanpot tonight... #1 BU vs #3 Northeastern at 8pm EST on most of the Sportsnet's (except Sporstnet West which has decided to show a game between the Habs & Flames instead?) up here in Canada.  Good college action on display and BU has some of the more colourful fans in the country so definitely worth checking out... any tournament that ends with the champs hoisting a trophy shaped like a pot of baked beans is aces in our books!

Ott We told you about Steve Ott's hot streak the other day and he punched in with another goal last night to extend his point streak to 8 games... that gives him 6+6=12 during the streak and this doesn't appear to be a fluke as Ott has really found a stride playing on a line with Ribeiro and Lehtinen and is seeing time on the #1 PP unit.

Another unexpected hottie in Dallas right now is James Neal as the rookie is clicking with Mike Modano and is 5+4=9 and a +8 in his last 6 games... so you could do a lot worse than adding him to your stable of wingers.

Matt Cullen is one of the hotter players in the league right now with 9 points over his last 5 games and half of his 26 points have come in the last 10 games so he appears to be enjoying the return of coach Maurice more than anyone.

Rich Peverley was bumped off of Ilya Kovalchuk's line and off the #1 PP unit yesterday.  He played with Slava Kozlov and Joe Motzko on the 2nd line which, as you might realize, is a bit of a downgrade.  Maybe it was the -8 he posted in the 5 games prior to yesterday that did him in.  Watch this situation as we're thinking that the Pev's 15 minutes of fame might have passed him by.  

Brad Richards scored a goal and an assist last night and now has 13 points in his last 12 games.  It's looking like the days of 90+ points for Richards are gone but he can still contribute as a point-a-game player.

TurcoThe Stars and Marty Turco has been on fire lately.  Turco stopped 25 of 26 shots and picked up the win.  He now has seven wins in his last eight games.  Just for comparison took Marty 21 games to pick up his first seven wins this season.  And it's all thanks to Sean Avery.  Start him with confidence.

Jeff Carter scored goals 33 and 34 on the year and took sole possession of 2nd place in the goal scoring race in the NHL.  He has put up a season that nobody expected and if you drafted him you're probably doing very well in your league. 

With the shutout of the Penguins last night, Ty Conklin looks to be back to his winning ways.  He now has two straight W's which is good to see after a winless in three streak.  It's looking like the Wings are going to be leaning toward Conks down the stretch so make sure you get him in there.

One our scouts said that Manny Legace's demotion to the AHL may be the end of the Man for this year but one of us thinks that there may be hope yet as we expect St. Louis to put him on re-entry waivers soon and it wouldn't surprise us if there was interest at that point.  Now, if he ends up with the Islanders, then our patience is all for not but he could end up in a good situation with a contender looking for some insurance.

Apparently Ray Emery is in a dispute with his KHL team about the exchange rate they are using to pay him (we assumed he was being paid in handles of vodka?) along with refusing to wear hats after getting pulled during games.  So he's left the team, for now.  If they were to release him from his contract then he could pull a Wade Dubielewicz and sign with a NHL team, although he'd have to clear waivers before joining that team.  Keep an eye on this as he's played well in Russia and will certainly draw NHL interest.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

VanekWhoa some huge news hit the fan yesterday.  Thomas Vanek is expected to miss three to four weeks with a fractured jaw.  Let that be a lesson to players everywhere...don't stop a slapshot with your face.  Vanek will be impossible to replace for your team and the Sabres...Mark Mancari may get the call to fill in for Vanek.  Good luck.

Milan Hedjuk was a bit luckier than Vanek as his jaw injury proved not to be a break and he could potentially play in the Avs next game on Tuesday.

Jakub Voracek missed Saturday's game with a head injury, not sure of the extent yet.

Mike Van Ryn was hurt on Saturday against Montreal (again).  This time it's his leg and whispers are that it could be a bad one.

Franzen Johan Franzen missed Sunday's game with a hand injury, its not broken, so good news there, but its pretty swollen and painful so he's probably out day-to-day.

Eric Staal and Patrik Berglund both played on Saturday night and didn't miss any games with some minor bumps and bruises.

Returning to action from the injured list last night was: Owen Nolan.

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  Swearing in hockey.  It happens all the time right?  Well, we put together our top ten favourite hockey swearing moments.

Note: This entire list is not safe for work so go get yourself a pair of headphones or something.

10) Glen Murray doesn't just swear at the referee once, he swears at him the same period.  Both times the referee just lets it roll of his back.  Referees are special people.

9) What's a swearing list without some crazy hockey parents?  There are lots of videos out there with fans swearing, but this one makes the list due:
- the mother's shear insanity,
- the quantity (and quality?) of swear words,
- the fact that her target is a teenage kid and
- because the whole thing looks like a massive over-reaction. 
Get a grip lady.

8) Swearing during a live telecast is pretty rare.  But getting a f-bomb from a referee this clear is even rarer.  We love tiny microphones.

7) One of two items on our list without an actual swear word in the clip.  Even though we don't get to hear the swearing it gets bonus points for the crazy amounts of karma it has.

6) Jonathon Toews normally gives a monotone and boring interview...which makes this interview so much better.  A little emotion and an f-bomb go a long way for us.

5 Another non-swearing clip.  Aaron Downey may not swear but he uses hand gestures to get his point across very clearly. 

4) Okay, we know you get two minutes for hooking, five minutes for fighting, and two minutes for delay of game.  How many penalty minutes do you get for 'f**king around'?

3) It's not real hockey but if we're making a list on swearing and hockey at least one clip from Slapshot has to be here.  We could have also used this one.

2) Swearing on a call in show really doesn't impress us that much.  Although working it into a question about Sidney Crosby's love life does.  But the part we love most about this clip is how the host completely ignores the fact the f-bomb was ever dropped.  Doesn't even crack a smile.  Now that's professionalism.

1) The grand-daddy of all swearing clips.  Kevin Stevens and Bryan Trottier have at Brian Bellows.  They are pretty much throwing every swear word in the book at him...even if they contradict themselves on several occasions.