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Daily Dosage - Feb. 24, 2009

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Daily Diarrhea

Turco Marty Turco looked pretty good in his 30th consecutive start last night.  He stopped 23 of 24 shots but his team didn't help him out and he didn't get the win.  Goalies that play 100% of the time are big time valuable in fantasy hockey...especially in weekly leagues.  Continue to ride his hot hand.

Evgeni Nabokov was the reason Turco didn't get the win last night...he stopped all 29 shots for the shutout.  After two rough games (5 and 6 goals allowed) Nabby has been fantastic.  Four straight wins and only five goals allowed in those four games.

Last night was what us in the scouting world like to call a "Light Night" with only one measly game on the sked and then that game only produces one goal... yikes.  So we're relegated to talking about guys that didn't even score last night, like Joe Pavelski.  None last night but he's been humming along nicely lately with 4+6=10 in his last 11 games and is still within a big finish of reaching our pre-season prediction of 72 points as our #1 breakout candidate in the Breakout Bible.  

Lalime It sounds like Ryan Miller will be out for awhile (see below) and Patrick Lalime will take the reigns.  He should be serviceable in medium to deep leagues but don't go expecting anything close to Miller-esque numbers.  He's posted a less-than-inspiring record of 2-7-1 with a 3.17 gaa and a .895 sv% so far this season. 

Tom Renney's out in New York, not a shock as the Rangers sit 29th in the league in goals scored and 28th in PP% (hell, the Islanders have a more potent offense).  His replacement is John Tortorella and while Torts may be able to turn some things around in New York, he's not the best coach for fantasy hockey GMs as Torts' teams have never distinguished themselves as offensive powerhouses.  He does tend to have a pretty decent PP and give his top players big minutes but PIMs are typically low and he doesn't really trust/develop his younger players.  So this might give a few guys like Gomez, Drury and Redden a boost but its probably bad news for guys like Henrik Lundqvist, Nigel Dawes and Aaron Voros.  How it effects Nikolai Zherdev?... nobody knows what makes him tick so we won't even go there.  

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Miller Even though there have been reports that Ryan Miller is expected to miss at least 8-12 games with his ankle injury nothing has been officially released by the team.  Miller and Lindy Ruff remain non-committal on how long he'll be out but it looks like it will be more than a handful or games. Good luck finding a replacement.  [more]

Mike Modano wasn't in the lineup last night.  He was out with the flu but he's not expected to miss much time.  He's hoping to be back for Thursday's game.

No returns last night but we are expecting quite a few major ones this week: Marty Brodeur, Paul Stastny, Michael Ryder, Alex Tanguay and Daniel Briere.

Distraction of the Day      

What's distracting us today?  We would like to think in our year or so in business we've become a bit of an expert in the NHL videos on the web.  Okay...maybe not the best thing to be an expert at.  Anyway, in our daily searches there have been a few types of hockey videos that are constantly posted that drive us nuts.  We don't know why people post them and we don't know why anybody would watch them.

You know it's a slow news day when we're posting what we find to be the worst of the Internet.

1) NHL09 is a great game...actually it's an amazing game.  But guess what?  We don't care about some goal you scored.  We don't care what it looked like when your team won the championship (although that's the closest the Habs will get to the Cup this year).  And we certainly don't care about a glitch in the game that robbed you of a precious goal:

Think about this for a second.  Some guy was playing NHL09 he was robbed of a goal and he was so annoyed that he got out his video camera, taped the replay and then put it on YouTube. 

2) A great topic + great editing = a great top 10 list.  TSN knows how to do it..."have another donut you fat pig!"...awesome.  But there are soooo many videos on the Internet where some idiot posts their personal Top 10 favourite players.  Or their Top 10 goalie masks.  Or their Top 10 logos (especially when the Buffaslug makes your list).  Or their Top 5 favourite goal horns...we kid you not:

Unless you work for TSN or David Letterman don't make a Top 10 list.  Just for the record, this list is all good.

3) Without the Internet FHS wouldn't exist and we (and hopefully you) would be sad.  But the Internet isn't all good.  Take for example the Vlog.  The Vlog is (mostly) bad.  Sometimes it's even very, very bad.

You're a big fan.  You think you know everything about your team.  You have an opinion about everything.  We have friends just like you. And guess what?  We don't like them.  Why would we want to listen to you babble on about the Bruins recent struggles for over seven minutes if we can't even stand to listen to our friends? 

If you are an expert or have something to offer...great, vlog it up.  But if your just rehashing the news the past week just don't...please.

4) This one might be a stretch.  But we are proposing that if something or someone doesn't have anything to do with ice hockey they shouldn't be able to use the word 'hockey'.  It really makes it much tougher to find the good hockey videos. 

Australian Politician Joe Hockey is a big culprit.  He's now to be known as Joe Rugby.  Also, Underwater Hockey...has the basic elements of hockey but it's big time lame (even when they are trying to look cool...that video is seriously creepy).  So we're going to suggest a change to Underwater Girl Repellent.  Finally, this new Friday the 13th movie is driving us nuts.  Apparently, the hockey mask is essential to the 'script'...because anybody who uploads a video uses hockey in their tag.
(Careful, if you're at work and are about to watch this):

5) Not sure if you realized this (we didn't until this year) but there is a bit market out there for watching people open up a box of hockey cards.  Seriously, are we missing something here?  We used to be into hockey cards when we were 14 year old but even then we wouldn't have been interested in watching somebody do this:

At least he got excited when found the Evgeni Malkin card.  He must be a big fan of money Malkin's.

Well hopefully we've gotten that out of our system.  We'll be back tomorrow and we promise we'll be more positive.