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Daily Dosage - Mar. 16, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Richards_M Lots of crazy point streaks on the go right now... Mike Richards has a seven gamer going and is up to nine points during the streak and if you go back 14 games he's had 20 points.  He's on pace for 86 points which will top last year's breakout season of 75 points with a little extra to boot.

If it wasn't for a few injuries and his early season demotion, Cam Barker would be this year's best breakout dman.  Kyle Quincey holds that title this year but Barker has a better ppg average (.65 to Quincey's .58).  CB has really picked it up lately as he's become a staple on the #1 PP unit and has a five game assist streak intact with 1+15=16 in his last 20 games.

Rangers winger Ryan Callahan is one we have our eyes on for the future... he's had five points in his last five games and may hit 20 goals in his second season full season but what really catches our eye is that he's on pace for a very decent 220 shots this year... follow the shots and the goals will follow.

Burrows We've been telling you to pick up Alex Burrows for a few weeks now.  We hope you listened to us as he pocketed a short handed goal and tacked on an assist too.  If that wasn't enough, he also picked up another six PIM's.  Check this out....his last 13 games: 9+6=15 and 35 PIM's. 

Sean Avery is all of the sudden hot.  In six games since his return from exile he's put up a 4+1=5 spot.  He's also starting to rack up those valuable PIM's as well (10 so far).  Not all of the Scouts are crash hot on Avery here, but if you can get him cheap and don't have any moral objections to having an jack-ass on your team he might be the guy for you.

Evgeni Nabokov and Chris Osgood both picked up the donuts last night.  Nabby stopped 34 and Ozzy stopped 23 pucks.  Nabby looks like he's rounding into form just in time for the playoffs.  Osgood is a bit more hit and miss (in his last six games he's let in: 5, 1, 4, 0, 7, 2, and 0).

Kunitz Guerin Billy Guerin had another big night with the Penguins.  He picked up a three points (1+2).  That's eight points in six games with the Pens.  Guerin should buy Sidney Crosby a thank you card.  Maybe he could go halfies on the card with Chris Kunitz as Kunitz picked up three points (2+1) himself last night.  Kunitz has 11 points in nine games with Pittsburgh.  Whether Crosby gets that card or not, ain't no thang for Sid as he's enjoyed his new linemates to the tune of a 10 game point streak, he's 6+12=18 during the streak and putting on a late charge for the Art Ross.

Niklas Backstrom had another sub-par outing last night.  This time he surrendered four goals on 29 shots in two periods against the Blues.  In his last nine games he's allowed two or less goals only twice.  Very un-Backstrom like.  You've got not choice but to stick with him and hope he and the Wild get hot.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Khabibulin Nikolai Khabibulin returned from injury last night after missing a month from a groin injury.  He looked a bit rusty as he stopped only 15 of 19 Islander shots.  The Bulin Wall can only get better but if you have some tender depth you might want to wait a few games til he works out the kinks.

Also returning from the injured list last night was James Wisniewski, he left Anaheim's last game early with a UBI but that didn't keep him out of any games.

Distraction of the Day 

What's distracting us today?  Are we too classy for fart jokes? 

We guess not.  So why are we talking about fart jokes on a fantasy hockey site?  It's because of this story we found on the, speaking of classy, blog Sean Avery's Sloppy Seconds (found via Deadspin). 

SASS is the blog of Rob Chalker who is apparently a professional writer for a paper called The Trentonian.  Anyway, he was covering the Capitals / Flyers game earlier this week where he saw (or heard) the following:

  • Alex Ovechkin was looking down at the game's score sheet, he let three loud farts rip in less than a minute.
  • After the third, and loudest, one, the others in the room just looked at him and he responded, "F*CK! What the hell is wrong with my ass?"

Does it make us weird that we like Ovechkin even more than we used to? 

Click here to visit SASS to read all the smelly details.