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Daily Dosage - Apr. 14, 2009

Daily Diarrhea 

Be sure to grab a copy of our 2009 Playoff Pool Guide, for $3.00 (Canadian!)... you can't beat that value anywhere.  It allows you to customize your cheatsheet based on your own predictions and it has a lot more information than any other guide we've seen (even though we're biased, that's a fact).

We often mention the players on hot streaks or the guys totally blowing it in this space... but what about the guys who have been just cruising right around the Mendoza line to avoid detection?  Its time to out a few guys just in time for your playoff pool...

Bergeron Obviously the injuries play a part but 39 points in 64 games this year for Patrice Bergeron is no way to follow up back-to-back 70 point seasons (not counting last year when he only played 10 games).  And if you thought that he just needed some time to find his game, well he had 18 points before Jan 1st and 21 points after it so the numbers haven't really improved.

Petr Sykora shouldn't even qualify for this category as he's been totally blowing it lately with only three points in his last 17 games even though he continues to line up with the leading scorer in the league.

You could pick any number of Rangers as nobody on that team can score but Markus Naslund sticks out for us as he's only managed 19 points in 46 games since January 1st.

We knew Pat Kane was playing with a bad ankle in January but he never seemed to fully recover as he followed up a 41 points in 34 games first half of the season with only 29 points in 46 games after January 1st.

We've been pretty focused on the playoff teams lately so time to catch up on some news from the league's weak sisters...

Jackie Lemaire is stepping down as M'sota's coach... that should make Maid Marian Gaborik happy (although he probably won't be there next year).  This is good news for fantasy owners as Lemaire was at the helm of a pretty brutal offense over the past few years but in reality their problems go a lot deeper than the coach as this team is lacking talent.   

Stamkos_Canada Stevie Stamkos will continue his season by playing in the World Championships for Canada, should be a great experience for the kid and combined with a strong finish (17+10=27 in his last 30 games) and focusing on getting stronger in the off-season... we'll be expecting big things next year.

Heard an interview with Vesa Toskala the other day where they asked him about his hip injury and whether that led to him shitting-the-bed this year... and he said no, saying that the hip didn't hamper him that much and that he thought he played pretty well.... alrighty then.

We took down our old poll, 72% of you said you hoped St. Louis would make the playoffs... well you got your wish.  Our new poll wants to know who you'd take 1st overall in a playoff pool.. this scout likes Alex Ovechkin as we have the Crapitals going to the Cup finals.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

No new injuries to report but lets get everyone caught up on some injuries that could affect your playoff pool...

The aforementioned Patrice Bergeron missed the last two regular season games with a foot injury but will be ready to go for game #1.

Matt Cullen missed the last eight games with a LBI but he probably would have played last weekend if the games meant anything, so he's ready to go.

Drury Chris Drury missed the Rangers final game with a leg injury... he'll play but may be playing hurt. 

Mathieu Schneider is playing hurt with a shoulder injury but Andrei Markov is still out another two weeks with a leg injury... look for him to attempt a return at the end of round #1, if the Habs hang around that long.

Marian Hossa sat out the last two regular season games with a groin injury but is expected back once the playoffs begin.

Patrick Sharp missed the past five games with a LBI but should be ready to go for game #1.

Flames' news... Dion Phaneuf sat out the last two games with a LBI but skated yesterday and is probable for game #1.  Rene Bourque has been out for about two months with an ankle sprain but is back practicing and should be ready to go Thursday.

Paul Kariya is still waiting to get clearance to resume practicing, he's been out since November after hip surgery.  Looks like his return will be later in round #1.

Three dudes from the CBJs out... Kristian Huselius missed four games with a concussion but has been skating and should be a go for game #1.  Freddie Modin missed most of the last two months with a knee injury but is optimistic he'll return for game #1.  Derick Brassard is getting his shoulder evaluated this week and may attempt a comeback later this month.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  No distractions today... too busy finishing our playoff pool guide, sending them out, winning fantasy leagues, organizing playoff pools and filling out playoff pool entries... shed a tear for us won't ya.