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Daily Dosage - Apr. 15, 2009

Daily Diarrhea 

Be sure to grab a copy of our 2009 Playoff Pool Guide, for $3.00 (Canadian!)... you can't beat that value anywhere.  It allows you to customize your cheatsheet based on your own predictions and it has a lot more information than any other guide we've seen (even though we're biased, that's a fact).

Yesterday we gave you a few front line players that weren't meeting expectations lately... today we'll offer up a few sleepers in playoff pools...

Recchi Mark Recchi may go under a few radars as he was a trade deadline addition for the Bruins but he's put up 16 points in 18 games for the B's, 12 points in his last 10 and jumps on to the #1 PP unit.  Only problem is that he plays on the 3rd line with a guy who we called out yesterday as a stiff (Patrice Bergeron).

If you like the Devils' chances (this scout doesn't) then Jamie Langenbrunner would be a sweet pick... he had five goals prior to Jan 1st and 24 (and 45 points in 46 games) after new year's, so dude's been smokin hot in 2009.

Anton Babchuk was a nice surprise this year but he may be overlooked since he only finished with 35 points but if you project out his numbers since Jan 1st for a full season... 26+28=54.

Regular readers know we have a thing going for TJ Oshie, so lets mention him again... if you like the Blues chances then grab this guy, people may pass on him cause he missed a bunch of games with injuries this year and he doesn't play on the top line... we'll he's been hot down the stretch (14 points in his last 15) and does play on the #1 PP unit... so take that, any anti-oshies.

The Islanders Win!  All that tanking paid off and the Islanders won the draft lottery last night and will have the first pick in the draft and the right to take John Tavares.  We didn't see all of the show but where has the commish?  Guessing he was in the back room trying to figure out how to rig this thing so that none of the Canadian teams could win it....

Ewing If you don't believe draft lottery's have been fixed before then check out the video of the 1985 NBA Draft Lottery and try to tell me something fishy isn't going on at the 4:45 mark when they guy throws the Knicks envelope against the side of the bowl so that it has a nice bent corner that makes it easier for David Stern to fish it out of the bowl... which was necessary so that Patrick Ewing could end up in New York.

Brian Burke held a "State of Myself" address yesterday so he could tell everyone how hard he's working and how great he is... apparently it worked like a charm as he has everyone in the media and city in a state of delirium cause he said he's going to try to move up in the draft to get John Tavares... not likely, Garth Snow ain't that clueless.  Only way it happens is if Burke way overpays and that wouldn't be good if this team wants to win a cup someday... here's a clip of his smoke-blowing.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

We mentioned all the current injuries affecting the playoffs yesterday, so check back for that.  But here's a few updates from yesterday's practices...

Cleary Danny Cleary left practice with an undisclosed injury and his status is uncertain for the Red Wings first game on Thursday.

Patrick Sharp practiced yesterday for the first time so it looks like he'll be ready to go but could be a little rusty as he's been out since April 3rd with a leg injury.

Chris Drury also practiced for the first time in a while yesterday and so he looks good to go for game #1 tonight but we're guessing that he'll be playing hurt.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  Regular reader Kenny C sent us this great Bruins commercial, part of a series promoting the playoffs... hope you enjoy, we did...