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Daily Dosage - Apr. 16, 2009

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Daily Diarrhea 

Be sure to grab a copy of our 2009 Playoff Pool Guide, for $3.00 (Canadian!)... you can't beat that value anywhere.  It allows you to customize your cheatsheet based on your own predictions and it has a lot more information than any other guide we've seen (even though we're biased, that's a fact).

Crosby Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin both had a goal and an assist to kick off their Conn Smythe campaigns last night against Philadelphia... both these guys apparently love playing the Flyers as Crosby has 46 points in 26 career regular season games vs Philly and Malkin has 31 in 21 as well.

One guy who would probably love to play against Philadelphia as well (although he'd probably stink) is Miroslav Satan, the Penguins brought him back up from the minors recently but there wasn't any room in the lineup for him last night.  We'd expect him to get in there at the first sign that the Penguins are struggling and looking for whatever it is that Satan brings (supposedly offense???).

Scotty Gomez started off the playoffs right with three points last night which is a good sign for a Rangers team that really struggles to score... well not against Jose Theodore, who accommodated the blueshirts to the tune of four goals on only 21 shots.  Even Markus Naslund got into the act with two points... maybe he was offended when we essentially called him a stiff down the stretch the other day and told you all to avoid him.  But the key for the Rangers last night and for the whole series was/is Henrik Lundqvist, and he came up big stopping 32 of 35 shots including 14 in the first period and 13 from Ovechkin himself. 

Zherdev Lost in the Rangers offensive explosion last night was that Nik Zherdev played less than 12 minutes in game #1 and mostly on a line with Sjostrom & Korpikoski... gives us a good idea of what Torts thinks of this guy, if we didn't know already.

Other young guys who got pushed aside last night were St. Louis rookie Patrik Berglund, who only saw eight minutes of ice last night and 2nd year breakout David Perron, who played less than 12 minutes.  When it gets down to crunch time you know the coaches are going with the guys they can trust so a lot of these younger guys will have to sit and wait their turn.

Edmonton turfed Craig MacTavish yesterday, hard to say if it was the talent he was given or his coaching that did him in.  We called MacT the vanilla of NHL coaches in our NHL Coach Rankings last summer cause he's so bland... not in personality but in his results... his teams never excel in one area, they're just always middle of the pack.  We'll see who the Oil bring in to replace him but hopefully its someone who can ignite the offense a little bit cause they do have some decent talent.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Drury Chris Drury took the pre-game skate but wasn't fit enough to play last night due to the leg injury that kept him out of the final regular season game.  He said he was progressing so we'd expect to see him back soon.

Matt Cullen returned to action last night after missing the last eight regular season games with a LBI.

Tom Poti also returned last night after missing three games with the groin injury that has dogged him all year, so he's probably not at 100%.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  We were distracted by a Bruins commercial yesterday that was part of a series promoting the playoffs and since we enjoyed it so much, we searched out more and found a better one...

Notice that the arena is empty and soundless... which is pretty typical for the new Garden aka "The Filing Cabinet".