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Daily Dosage - Apr. 21, 2009

Daily Diarrhea 

Semin The Caps were finally able to get the offense going against Lundqvist last night as they put four past him including two in the 1st period by Alexander Semin and two PP goals (by Laich and Poti).  Ovechkin got in on the action with two assists and Nicklas Backstrom had three assists.

But the real story for Washington was that they went back to rookie goalie Simeon Varlamov for game #3 on the road and the kid responded with a 33 save shutout to get the Caps back in the series... good call Coach Bruce!

Dallas signed Danish prospect Philip Larsen to an entry level contract yesterday.  He was their 5th round pick in 2008 and played this past season for Frolunda in the Swedish Elite League where he managed 17 points in 53 games.  He looks like a decent prospect and as a point of reference, Frolunda is also where Ottawa's 2008 1st rounder Erik Karlsson plays but he only managed 10 points in 45 games this year.

Messier It wasn't quite a Mark Messier-like guarantee (and we don't believe it nearly as much) but Mike Cammalleri did say that, "We're still going to win the series" prior to game #3... and after the win last night he's looking genius, although we're not sure how much his no points contributed to the victory, I think it would be more believable if Miikka Kiprusoff made a guarantee since he seemed to back it up stopping 37 of 38 shots last night.  Just for some of those youngins out there that might not be aware... here's a little synopsis of the Messier guarantee.

Anyone else hoping that those rumours about Pierre McGuire becoming the Avs GM are true... man would love to have him out of our hair.  What a wind-bag that dude is and he's losing his mind... the latest indications were when he said he was voting for Ron Wilson as one of his three selections for coach of the year???  Another two in last night's Flames-Hawks game... he said that Warren Peters was a major factor???  Really, dude played less than four minutes last night and most people who watched the game would probably use the word 'invisible' and not 'factor' to describe Peters.  Also from last night was when two Flames took a run at a Hawk, McGuire nearly wet himself and yelled, "ITS A TRAINWRECK, THOSE GUYS ARE TWO NASTY TRAINS THAT SHOW UP IN A BAD MOOD!!!"... what does that even mean?

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Kane Pat Kane sat out last night's game with the "flu" or maybe some other injury... either way the team says that he's only day-to-day and should play in game #4.  Between you and me, Kane hasn't been right since about January with that ankle injury.

Alex Tanguay and Mathieu Schneider both missed last night's game with UBIs.  We can guess that Schneider's shoulder isn't holding up like he thought but Tanguay's injury appears to be a new one.  Not sure when they'll be back and not sure that it really matters.

Mats Sundin is doubtful for game #4 and Paul Kariya wants to go but the word is that he's just not ready yet.

Chris Drury saw under 12 minutes of ice-time last night including only two shifts in the 3rd period so he's definitely playing hurt and won't go unless absolutely necessary.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  With all our excitement about the Stanley Cup playoffs starting we haven't put up a retarded video in a long time.  That ends today.

In a first for FHS we'll link you towards a video from the Food Network.  It seems Michelle and Dave met on the fan boards of a Washington Capitals fan site.  Being big hockey fans they decided they needed a hockey themed wedding which included a cake shaped like The Cup...obviously.  This video is about a year old but with one of our Scouts getting married this year we thought it might give him some inspiration in his and Mrs. Scout's planning for the big day

Click on the photo below to watch the video (if you can't handle the anticipation and want to see the final product fast forward to about the eight minute mark)

A couple of questions:

  • Does anybody else find it ironic that all of these bakers appear to be baked throughout the whole video?
  • From our limited research and understanding of cakes this Stanley Cup cake would cost upwards of $6,000.  Considering the bride and groom were married in Capitals jerseys and the wedding was in the Knights of Columbus hall...was the cake the biggest expense of their day?
  • What would happen if the Drapers weren't invited to the wedding.
  • We wonder what the wedding night would be like.  Maybe an adult movie to get her in the mood?