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Daily Dosage - Apr. 22, 2009

Daily Diarrhea 

Boyle The vets, Danny Boyle and Rob Blake, had to show guys like Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau how its done last night.  Tired of waiting for Joe & Pat to lead their team to victory, the two dmen took matters into their own hands as Boyle had 2+1=3 and Blake 1+1=2 to get the Sharks back in the series with a 4-3 game #3 win in Anaheim.  Now Thornton had an assist and Marleau had the game winner so they weren't all terrible but these guys need to bring more if this team (and my playoff pool entry) is going anywhere.

After being a healthy scratch the past two games, you can't blame Dennis Seidenberg for grasping on to some fame... he took all the credit for the game-winning-goal with less than a second left in last night's game #4, even going as far as coming out to salute the fans as the game's #1 star.  Until later they realized that his shot went in off Jussi Jokinen's skate and so the 3-star selection was amended and Seid-ways was dropped from the stars completely and replaced by Jokinen... karma's a real bitch.

Speaking of that goal, Marty Brodeur was some kinda hot thinking that he was interfered with but he needs to un-bunch his panties, stop trying to sell cheap calls to the refs and concentrate on stopping the puck... not sure why we need to tell one of the best goalies of all time this... but I guess we do.  As for what to do with Chico Resch, not sure, as he went on a very homerish 253-word rant about how the Devils were screwed right afterwards, not sure what happened to Doc Emrick while Chico was going off?  Did he go out for a pizza or something?  Methinks maybe he agrees with us and just let Chico have his little cry-session... see/hear for yourself here.

Burrows Feel for St.Louis as they played well last night and were dominating  in OT (out-shooting Vancouver 18-9) but it wasn't enough as Roberto Luongo came up huge with 47 saves (including 11 on Alex Steen) and Alexandre Burrows swept the Blues out of the playoffs with the OT winner, which was his second goal of the night.

Kristian Huselius is one of our favourite players to make fun of cause he's pretty much guaranteed to go soft at some point... but even we didn't realize this... Hussy had two goals in his first three career playoff games and is zero for his last 20.  All that and 56 regular season points for $4.75 million.

Dominik Hasek is coming out of retirement... again.  But this time it's not to play in the NHL as the 44 year old announced he'll fake injuries play for his hometown team of Pardubice in the Czech league next season.  A little weird to be announcing a comeback in April isn't it?... but weird is Dom's middle name so that shouldn't surprise us too much.  Hasek apparently has his eyes on playing for the Czech's in the Olympics.

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Backstrom_Min Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom will undergo hip surgery that will have him rehabbing for the next 3 to 6 months.  He had been dealing with the injury for a few months and this might explain why his play slipped in March.  He should be ready to go by training camp but keep in mind that he won't have the same offseason conditioning program due to the rehab.

Not sure about the status of guys like Alex Tanguay and Mathieu Schneider but Montreal definitely won't get Andrei Markov back for game #4 tonight, he's still not ready to go.  Could he return for game #5?  Don't think there will be a game #5 to return to.

Derick Brassard was cleared for contact but has still not been cleared for game action.  There is a chance that could come before game #4 on Thursday but we wouldn't count on it.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  A while back we proved that "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was a big Carolina Hurricanes fan (see link)... well now he proved that he's no fair-weather fan (get it fair-weather... hurricanes... ahh forget it) and he was out in full force for the playoffs last night, driving the fans & himself into fits of hysteria...