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Daily Dosage - Apr. 4, 2009

Daily Diarrhea 

Connolly Three assists last night for Tim Connolly gives him 4+5=9 and a +8 in his last five games and he's really taken advantage of slumps by Roy & Vanek to turn his line with Jason Pominville & Clarke MacArthur into Lindy Ruff's go-to line down the stretch.  Pommer, btw, extended his point streak to eight games (3+10=13 during the streak) and both he and Connolly would be great adds if available in your league as Buffalo has a four games next week to end the season.

Nice to see setup man Cal O'Reilly finally get a chance in the big leagues and the kid is showing what he can do with goals in three of his last four and points in four straight.  Nashville is hurting with injuries right now so O'Reilly's been given a shot on the top line with Steve Sullivan and Joel Ward and has seen close to 20 minutes of ice in his last two games.

Danny Briere and Claude Giroux have a French-Connection thing going in Philly right now as Briere is 4+7=11 in his last eight and Giroux is 3+8=11 in his last eight.  This could be a line to watch for in the playoffs especially if linemate Arron Asham learns french and can actually communicate with these guys .

Schenn Luke Schenn has seven points and 21 PIMs in his last 10 games... we're not recommending that you add him but this is more of a FYI and cause we want to see media guys like Pierre McGuire wet themselves in excitement when they catch on to this.

Ron Wilson's brilliant plan to have Marty Gerber play the rest of the season in net for the Leafs lasted about nine minutes until he was pulled last night versus the Flyers after giving up three early goals.  He did return later in the game to redeem himself by only giving up three more the rest of the way.  You'll have to explain to this scout what's the point of starting this guy the rest of the way... its not like he's Terry Sawchuk or something.   

Usually, Maid Marian Gaborik finds himself below the "Injury Updates" line in our dosages but his performance lately is worthy of being "above the board"... he's had six goals and nine points in seven games since returning from his latest hip injury.

Osgood In a move that you knew was coming Detroit coach Mike Babcock has anointed Chris Osgood as his starter for the playoffs, maybe... wayto reward guys for poor performances, Ozzie's coming off losses to the Preds & Islanders and a yanking against Calgary as his last three starts. [more]

Chicago has moved Marty Havlat up to the 1st line and #1 PP unit with Toews and Kane lately... good news for Havlat owners although he's been solid this year no matter who he's played with.  He's 6+7=13 in his last nine games but a move like this certainly won't hurt. 

Injury Updates (see our Injury Updates page for a consolidated list of injuries):

Aucoin Calgary has been struck by injuries during their two game road trip and ended up only fielding a team of 16 skaters last night versus M'sota (two short of a full deck... the team & Iron Mike)... what is this bantam hockey?  You're a professional hockey team and you can't find 18 skaters to dress?.. bush league.  Adrian Aucoin is probably the only recent injury that should concern you, he's out with a UBI and is listed as day-to-day.

Marty Turco is hurting with a LBI and is listed as day-to-day... could be a neck strain from watching the pucks go by him lately?  Sorry, that was unfair.  Either that or his diaper's full (yes, he's on this scout's fantasy team).  He's questionable for tonight's game. 

Patrick Sharp left last night's game with a LBI.  No word on the extent yet but he's only been back seven games after missing 16 with a knee injury so let's hope its nothing major.

Returning to action from the injured list last night was Dave Bolland.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  We just discovered that Wrestlemania 25 is tomorrow...holy crap, man are we old, I remember the first one.  We've got a lot of catching up to do as we haven't watched wrassling since the greatest wrestling match of all-time (say your prayers, eat your vitamins, do your homework and then fast forward to the 5:45 mark for the money shot)...