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Schedule Summary - Apr 6_Apr 12

Schedulesummary If you need a little help setting your fantasy hockey lineup or want to see what we'll be watching this week. 

We're also including a handy little reference sheet of the remaining games for all teams that may come in handy when setting your lineups, discussing trades or deciding on waiver wire additions... Download FHS_Remaining Sked_0809

April 6th to 12th:

4 game week:

  • Boston - 3 on the road but its a fairly light sked and they lead the East in road wins 
  • Buffalo - will need a big week to sneak in but it will be tough as they host Det & Bos 
  • Calgary - rivalry week... @Van Tues. and then H&H with Edm 
  • Chicago - tough week as they get Detroit H&H to finish the season
  • Colorado - 3 at home, lost 8 in a row 
  • Detroit
  • LA - 3 on the road in Western Canada
  • Montreal - huge game Tuesday as they head to MSG
  • NYI - all 4 against playoffs teams 
  • Ottawa
  • Philadelphia 

3 game week:

  • Atlanta - 3 at home... one of only three teams with losing record at home 
  • Carolina - hothothot, won seven in a row
  • Columbus - huge game for seeding @StL on Friday 
  • Dallas - 3 on the road
  • Edmonton 
  • Florida - the Rangers are within reach but they'll need help 
  • Minnesota 
  • Nashville - how are they hanging in there despite all the injuries?
  • NJ - sliding as they've lost 7 of last 9
  • NYR 
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburgh - should cruise this week with matchups with TB & NYI
  • San Jose - easy week with games against bottom three teams in the West
  • St.Louis - huge week for playoff hopes and should handle Yotes & Avs on road
  • Tampa Bay
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Washington - 3 on the road but should enjoy trips to Atl, TB & Fla.  

2 game week:

  • Anaheim