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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 17, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Bizarre Saturday night with no hockey... while we've got a little free time lets reflect on some of the Breakouts & Breakdowns of the 2nd Round... yesterday we gave you our breakouts, today its the breakdowns:

Breakdowns (think we all expected a lot more from these dudes):

Wheeler Blake Wheeler - started his playoffs by going oh-for his first eight playoff games and ended it by sitting in the pressbox the last three.  He'll still be a breakout candidate next season but this doesn't help.

Zdeno Chara - had more of a defensive role in the 2nd round but when a Norris Trophy candidate only posts two assists in the series, its a let down. 

Erik Cole - awful 1st round with no points and only 11 shots was followed up by two assists and 11 shots in the 2nd round... its an improvement, we'll give him that.

Ray Whitney - the opposite of Cole, RayRay had seven points in the 1st round but then fell off the map with only two assists in the series against Boston. 

Datsyuk Pavel Datsyuk - dude is in a major funk with only three assists in the Anaheim series and only 1+4=5 in the playoffs.  Luckily he's got Johan Franzen to step in and pick up the slack.

Alexandre Burrows - after a 28 goal and 51 point breakout season, Burrows was invisible against Chicago with only one assist and 10 shots to show for the series.

Roberto Luongo - was a little more noticeable than Burrows but for all the wrong reasons as Bobby Lou posted a 3.54 gaa & .879 sv% in the Chicago series, capped off by conceding a touchdown in game #6.

Simeon Varlamov - was another goalie who struggled as round 2 went on, it started well but he had a 4.88 gaa & .869 sv% in the final four games of the Pittsburgh series.

Green Mike Green - now we'll go easy on him since it was revealed afterwards that he was playing with a banged up shoulder but 0+4=4 and a -5 in the series is not getting it done.  You could tell something was off as the guy only put 10 shots on net (1.43 per game) whereas he averaged 3.57 per game during the regular season en route to 31 goals.

Injury Updates

Pittsburgh is playing coy about Sergei Gonchar saying that they're taking his rehab one day at a time to see if he'll be ready for game #1.  We'd bet he doesn't miss any action as the schedule for this series is favourable with two day breaks after games 1, 3 and 4.  

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Totally ran into Tiger Williams the other day in Calgary, interestingly enough he was riding the train and not his stick...   

Imagine if someone pulled that now, Don Cherry would have a conniption and demand that an investigation be launched.