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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 21, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

No NHL hockey last night, we're going to have a few of those as the league came up with a bizarre schedule which gives the teams lots of two day breaks in this round.  So with no games and all the minutia of the whole Phoenix thing dominating the news... and the fact that we're having CPU issues.... today is going to be brief...

Niedermayer_R Niedermayer_S The Canucks may be trying to corner the market on brothers... Scott & Rob Niedermayer have expressed some interest in signing with the Canucks.  That would really show the Sedin's that GM Mike Gillis respects the brotherhood and that they should really re-up.  Maybe the Primeau's will follow suit, hell those shrimpy twins from the US, the Ferraro's, are probably available, get them too.

Chicago signed their 1st round pick from last year, Kyle Beach, to an entry level deal.  He impressed at camp last year but Chicago has a lot of depth up front and in their system, so he had to wait, although GM Dale Tallon did say that he thought Beach would be a nice linemate for Toews & Kane as he enjoys the rough stuff.  He'll get another shot next year at camp and we wouldn't be surprised to see him in Chicago next year, although competition will be stiff.

The Rangers have signed 24 year old dman, Ilkka Heikkinen to a contract.  The Finn was never drafted and will come over to North America after a few successful years in the Finnish league... the Rangers will be hoping that he'll be this year's Tobias Enstrom and not this year's Anssi Salmela, Janne Pesonen or Ville Leino. 

Daily Distraction 

What's distracting us today?  Love the feature in use at the Memorial Cup where the TV feed can tap into the phone conversations between the referee on the ice and the video replay booth (sorry couldn't find any video evidence but check it out in the upcoming games).  The conversations really aren't that scintillating but its interesting to be on the inside and we love when you hear the video guys say, "We have a good goal, go ahead and point to centre ice".

Brad Watson They should have this for NHL games but we're guessing they never will, they don't want people to hear stuff like the conversation between Brad "QuickDraw" Watson and the video replay booth during game #3 of the Detroit-Anaheim series, sure it went something like this...

Booth: Ahhh, Brad, what the fuck happened?

Watson: I lost sight of the puck and blew it down.

Booth: Ahhh, the puck was lying in the crease, everyone in the building could see it and it even went in the net before you blew it down.

Watson: But it doesn't matter when the whistle went its when I meant to blow my whistle.

Booth: That's the stupidest thing we ever heard.  Well lets say that you should have meant to not blow your whistle and just call it a goal?  Agreed?

Watson: I don't know, the fans in Anaheim will be pissed if I allow this.

Booth: Good point... alright, we have a good goal, you can point to center ice.  But you've really screwed up this time Watson.

Watson:  I know, is Gary going to be pissed?

Booth: Unlikely, he's busy watching the NBA playoffs.