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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 25, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Huet Nikolai Khabibulin was not able to go yesterday and so that left the goaltending duties up to the $5.6 million dollar man, Cristobal Huet, and he appeared a little rusty as he gave up five goals on 26 shots and was pulled early in the 2nd period (although he did return for mop-up duty in the 3rd).  Be afraid if you're Chicago and Khabi can't go next game, be very afraid.

Marian Hossa had two goals and an assist yesterday, that gives him five points in the past two games and he seems to enjoy that he doesn't have Datsyuk around to hold him back.  Hossa has two goals in each game #4 of the three series so far and none in the other 12 games?  bizarre.

Filppula Hossa has really been clicking with Valtteri Filppula in Datsyuk's absence as Val had three points yesterday and now has points in five straight games (1+6=7 during the streak).  Filppula is one to watch with an eye towards next year, especially keeping in mind the fact that free agents such as Hossa, Samuelsson and Hudler may not return next year which will open up a lot of quality ice-time for an up-and-comer like Val.  

We're not fooled by Henrik Zetterberg's inflated goal totals... we mentioned this before and we bring it up again as despite having nine goals in these playoffs, Hank has four empty net goals and then his two yesterday were both on the PP after the game was already out-of-hand.  Whereas Johan Franzen has 10 goals and a lot have been of the important variety... he has no empty netters and two game winners.

No official word from the team but we've now read a report that says Mikael Johansson has signed with the Habs.  He's a 23-year old free agent (originally drafted by Detroit) who's played in Farjestads the past few years and will look to become this era's Mats Naslund in Montreal (he's about the same size)... we'll post this video again so you can see a few clips... and get your beats on.

Injury Updates

This Detroit-Chicago series is getting weirder and weirder...

Lidstrom Nicklas Lidstrom couldn't yesterday due to an LBI but the team says that they expect him to return for game #5... first time Nick's missed a playoff game in like 17 years.

Chris Osgood was pulled after two periods yesterday with the score 5-1 and officially the team says that he was dehydrated but we think something like, "why waste his energy when the game is out of hand" would have been more fitting... he should be fine for next game.

Marty Havlat made a surprise return for Chicago after getting body slammed in game #3 but then took another big hit and had to leave this game early as well... probably a bad idea for him to be playing so we'd expect a little more restraint going forward and that may be the last we see of Marty in this series.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  We'd like to wish all our friends in the US a happy Memorial Day and while we're on the topic of memorials, have to mention that the Memorial Cup wrapped up yesterday and congrats to the Windsor Spitfires who defied history and became the first team ever to lose their first two games and then come back to win four in a row and win the title.  17-year old Taylor Hall was named tournament MVP as he had 2+6=8 in six games but it really should have gone to NJ Devils pick Adam Henrique as he had some huge goals and tied for the tournament scoring title (4+5=9 in six games).