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Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Daily Dosage - May 26, 2009

Daily Diarrhea

Roy So Avs President Pierre Lacroix thinks that Patrick Roy is crazy enough to handle both the coaching and GM duties for his club.  He apparently has been offered both jobs and Pat seems to be working on assembling his staff before he makes his "final decision".  Wow, can't say we see this ending well as its been well documented that the Coach-GM combo is pretty impossible to pull off, add to that the fact that he's never done either job at the NHL level and that he's planning on surrounding himself with all his buddies... and the fact that he's kinda a lunatic... good luck with that Colorado.

Speaking of a little lunacy, reports out of Russia have Sergei Fedorov signing a 2-year deal with Magnitogorsk of the KHL for a mere $3.8 million per season.  I guess he has the whole Russian God thing going for him over there and the Caps did pay him $4 million last season but seems like a lot of rubles for a 39-year old.  I guess with the price of oil climbing the KHL is in "Prosper" mode even after rolling back some player's salaries by 50% last month.

Kontiola Magnitogorsk wasn't done there as they have apparently signed former Chicago prospect (traded to Anaheim at the trade deadline) Petri Kontiola as well.  We thought he'd get more of a shot in Chicago this year after a strong season in the AHL last year but it was not meant to be and then he was dealt to Anaheim and was pretty useless for the Iowa Chops... apparently the Ducks saw enough and let him walk.

Calder Cup finals are set, its Hershey (Washington) vs Manitoba (Vancouver)... a few players to watch on each team:

  • Chris Bourque - Ray's son has improved in each of his four years in the A, to the point where he's a point-per-game player now and he's second on Hershey in playoff scoring with 4+14=18 in 16 games.  Its next season or never for the kid.

  • John Carlson - The Caps 1st round pick last year tore up the OHL this year with 76 points in 59 games and now he's getting his feet wet in the A as he's seen action in 11 playoff games (only one point).

  • Cory Schneider - He was not so great when he was called up to the Canucks this season but had a great year in the AHL and he's continued that into the playoffs... 12-3, 2.03, .924.

  • Cody Hodgson - Recently bagged the CHL Player of the Year award and although his numbers with the Moose are modest, 1+2=3 in six playoff games, by all accounts he's been very impressive.

Injury Updates

Havlat Is anyone else starting to get queazy that the next time Marty Havlat leaves a game early in this series it's going to be in a body bag?  So dude was literally knocked out of game #3 but somehow the team decided he was ok to play in game #4 and he took another hit and sat out the rest of the game... you'd think that would serve as the wake-up call... apparently not as Coach Q said he looked "fine" after the game and that he'd see how Havlat "presents himself" at practice on Tuesday before deciding if he can go for game #5 Wednesday.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today?  Not sure if everyone caught this story from a few weeks back about the toxic office fridge that forced a building to be evacuated in San Jose and sent seven people to hospital.... classic stuff: 

  • First off, the chick that was cleaning the fridge was apparently oblivious to the smell cause she has allergies?... wow, who knew?... the article says that the woman "decided" to clean out the fridge, but we're guessing that she was probably an intern, like first week on the job and someone heard about her lack of smell super-powers and "decided" she was perfect for the job. 

  • Second, someone thinks that the smell is so bad that 911 needs to be called?  If we're lowering the standard that you can call 911 if you get a whiff of something nasty, they better open up some more phone lines... and expect a lot of activity centered around the restrooms at Taco Bell.

  • Lastly, the HazMat team arrives and decides that the entire building needs to be evacuated???  Who made the call on that?  I can just hear it, "We've got a code red, I repeat, CODE RED... there's a four-year old tuna-fish sandwich that looks like it could blow at any moment, EVERYONE CLEAR THE FUCKIN' BUILDING!!!